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I get enough mature to understand the world. I lose my happiness. I was looking for happy life and seeking path for it. But I got nothing anywhere but only sorrow more than before.

Seeking for happy life I turned myself to looking over the other people to know how they living happy life. The biggest thing I understand at that stage is they are in sorrow more than me. I lost my hopes and just sitting for an hours to understand why they are in sorrow too?

I talking with too many people I also met some people who are not in sorrow but they are happy because they manage the framework of their life. They manage their life as they want to live and manage their work to adapt with this world. There were so many different reasons behind their happiness, I combine the most common reasons of happiness among them. And now I am showing you all their reasons to live happy life.

1. Create plan for you happiness

Every step is begin with the plan, if we don’t plan any of our work then we eventually fail to achieve it’s goal. We mostly ignore this but this is what brings the first step of sorrow. We must prepare for it, we must have an idea for doing a job which we have been decided to do. Never expect any work to be done without ant plan. Plan can give you the future predictions that how would it be go. So first prepare your plan then plan to go that will help you to minimize your failure chances.

Here are some reasons to choose for your happiness:

  • Explain yourself why do you want to to live happy life.
  • Decide when would you plan your goals or task for happy life.
  • Choose which type of work will help you to achieve happiness.
  • Focus on you life goals and their solutions for happy life.
  • Thing that how your goal achievements will help you to become happy.

2. Develop yourself

Remind yourself when did you achieve your any work first time. Remember that day when did you ask someone for your help. We always do something new in our everyday life. Some of the things are usual and some are not usual. The difficulty task is only mean that you are facing it first time. The way you are now is the way you are think. Never underestimate yourself for anything. Anything you achieve in your life is nothing but your achievement towards your difficulties. You must appreciate yourself for everything you have. This is the best thing which you can do for you happiness.

Here are some tips to make you aware towards your abilities:

  • Build your confidence towards your quality and ability to make you happy for your life task.
  • Recognize your qualities and abilities.
  • Make a definition of happiness in your own words.
  • Write down you improvements to keep you motivated.
  • Have some friends to help you to realize your qualities.

3. Always be positive

Positivity will not help to to reduce the difficulties but it will definitely make you strong against your task. Positive attitude is not an imaginary thing, now so many people are losing hope on positive attitude. It’s because they never understood the perfect meaning or work of it. Positive attitude will help you to focus and build your inner confidence that will eventually help you to change your way towards problems.

Here are some tips which can help you to build positive attitude:

  • Help your brain to find positive in your work or problems.
  • Start your day with positive vision of life.
  • Expand the positive minutes of your thinking.
  • Focus on positive things.
  • Make an assortment of positive results.
  • Think positive and don’t forget negative is also important.
  • Practice to be thankful for everything you have.
  • Stop thinking that your success has limits.

4. Try to boost your self esteem or confidence

Confidence and self esteem is very important to live happy life. Confidence is what help you always to do anything in your life. No one can denied how confidence can help you to fulfill your task. But don’t stop at it, because life is always a bigger obstacles than before. That’s why self esteem is very important to improve yourself for any task in future. Because we need to be ready in present to tackle the future tasks. Try to improve yourself everyday. The day you doesn’t improve yourself is nothing but the waste of day.

Here are some tips to become fearless:

  • Learn self appreciation.
  • Always imagine your best self.
  • Find your best qualities to remind your strength.
  • Praise your own victories.

5. Make proper balance between life and work

It’s not bad to be get demotivated. But getting under pressure and not able to think for solution can be bad. There are people who are thinking a life is in only one way, but don’t do that. You will find happiness in one way but it would not sustain for long time. Because life is a balance between good and bad, light and dark. Try to find every approach of life in all the ways.

Here are some tips to make balance life:

  • Look at the problem whenever you are in danger.
  • Build a good limits on yourself.
  • Find the more things which can help you to achieve your happiness.
  • If need join any organization.

6. Build versatility in life

Sometimes we can’t get out of the situations. That not meant to be losing your hopes. Life is all about win or loss, if you won celebrate, if you lost ready to power up yourself again. We know that there are always something that you cant solve and need to fail. But you must have confidence to restart or focus on your other works.

Here are some tips to make versatility:

  • Learn careful finding and acknowledgement.
  • Have a look on your circumstance to become aware.
  • Finding the motivating points in even negative situations.​.
  • Make your own books or pictures statements that make you motivate.
  • Understand the advantage of negative feelings..
  • Give a break to your negative ideas making abilities..

7. Never let go your feelings

As everybody knows it, we are not living a life. We are just passing through it without feeling anything. We have friends we have families, connections but what we are doing with it. We regularly passing with these bonds nothing more than it. We are not feeling anything precious with our any bond. Perhaps you are living happy life but there are lots of things you are  missing. You are now being so numb towards this world. You must start to cheers with life and make awareness with this world.

Here are some tips for living cheerful life:

  • Increase your presence of mind
  • Don’t scare for innovation
  • Give more time to see more important things in life.

8. Find the purpose of life

Even you are living very successful life their is no meaning until you find the purpose of your life. Living life, doing job, having goods friends its just a part of life. But meaning of life is what gives a definition to your life. This must be your first priority of your life to find the purpose. If you find the purpose then you can take action which is better for your life. There are lots of people who have money and luxurious life but they are fail to achieve happiness because they haven’t find the meaning of their life.

Here are some tips to find purpose of your life:

  • Find your qualities and follow it
  • You must have valuable existence in other people life.
  • Find what makes you to do any work

9. Be kindful

We always dream that to become something like influence other lives but this is not what make you good person. Your influence must be beneficial to others. When you become kind with others your mind starting to become soft and help you to achieve anything in life. Your life approach will change once you change your cold heart mind in to kind heart mind.

Here are some tips to become kind ful:

  • Always appreciate
  • Help other people and entrust them

10. Make healthy and faithful connections

It’s really hard to think that becoming happy with only yourself. Happiness is mostly liked to be shared not compressed. In our life healthy connection faithful friends is very important for your well-being and satisfaction. So never forget to make good friends because the eventually help you to live happy life.

Here are some tips to make healthy or faithful connections:

  • Never give priority to phone when you are with your friends.
  • Praise your friends for their work and help.
  • Be careful how do you behaving on social life.


It’s very obvious that it will take some time for changing life approaches. I only suggest you to not become so hasty for outcome of your life tips because it takes time that is why everyone can’t do it or achieve it. You just to be consistence and believe that all will be good for you.

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