Natasa Stankovic Hardik Pandyas Wife Sexy Hot Images

Natasa Stankovic was born in Republic of Serbia on 4 March 1992. She has got married with Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya. Natasa Stankovic is a Serbian dancer, model and actress. She had acted in the movie name Satyagrah. Here you can see some of the hot and beautiful photos of Hardik Pandya wife. It’s obvious that she is beautiful model so now have a look on some photos. Slim one […]

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Manisha Valmiki

Manisha Valmiki Died Because Of 4 Madarchod Boys

19 years old Manisha Valmiki died on 29th Sept. So what was the reason behind death? Was it a car accident or because of disease? No, reason behind death is so normal it was just rape noting more. Does this sound good to you? Because you would not care of any rape victim until one of your family member will get raped. It’s in human nature to ignore all crimes […]

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Basic abs workout with dumbbells

Basic Abs Workout With Use Of Dumbbells | Home Abs Exercise Tips

Abs workout is very useful for a strong core. If you wanna lose your fat or weight it always starts with the belly. Your belly is the centre of your health, if you become reckless then you will start to gain belly and if you become aware of health then your belly will start to lose. Losing belly fat is the toughest task for everyone because it will need damn […]

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Donkey Milk health

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Donkey Milk For Human Health

Donkey milk may seem like a stylish newcomer to the milk market, yet truly, it has been around for a large number of years. It has become mainstream again as of late, particularly in parts of Europe, engaging both to gutsy foodies who need to attempt new nourishments and refreshments, just as the individuals who expect to eat characteristic food sources with medical advantages. This article investigates the advantages, uses, […]

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How world think about India

How Other Countries Think About India

India is all time considerable country in the world. There is no one who can denied the existence of India. May be some countries don’t have need of India but it’s affects other countries indirectly. So here we are going to show you people talk about what does other countries think about India. 1. South Africa We love Mahatma Gandhi If whenever you visit to South Africa people will remind […]

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Witch women attckts women for Hijab

Witch Women Attacks Other Women For Not Wearing A Hijab

The world is witness that, women are not in danger because of men but because of women. A woman attacks on woman because she not wearing a Hijab. We can understand if any men who insult or misbehavior with women, but what can we do if one women insulting other women. This is absolute insane and the representation of brain wash. If men don’t have rights to force women what […]

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Coronavirus kids families

How Kids Are Spreading Coronavirus To Their Family

Points to be noted Numerous schools around the nation are mindfully starting to permit kids to re-visitation of in-person classes. As kids head back to class, guardians may have inquiries regarding whether their families are in danger. Specialists state children can create COVID-19, and there have been situations where they’ve sent it to grown-ups. While it ordinarily causes gentle infection in youngsters, it’s seldom lethal. One essential approach to help […]

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Man attacks women iran bad hijab

Man Kicks Woman Because Her Hairs Were Visible

That shows how much there would be a respect for women. In Iran a woman just walking on the road and one guy follow her and abused her. You can watch in the below video that man started to slap and kick her because he saw her hairs. This is so bullshit. I mean who the hell told you to see her hairs, if you have problem then you should […]

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Aisha Sultana

Aisha Sultana: Cute And Enthusiastic Model and Actor

Aisha Sultana is cute and beautiful personality, she has started to pursuing her modeling and acting passion in early age. We have lots of thing to learn from Aisha Sultana. In this article we will have light overlook on her profile and about her struggle. Always remember guys, there is no shortcut to achieve your dreams, you need to do hardwork and Aisha Sultana is one of the example of […]

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Selfie cause 16 years of prison in Iran

Selfie Cause 16 Years Of Prison For No Women Rights

This is not a story but reality in Iran where you don’t have a right to live a life as you want. Only a selfie of a couple charged them a 16 years of prison, 74 lashes and charge. This is too much and against humanity. According to Iranian Islamic law should called inhumanity law don’t allow you to post photos without Hijab. This is so insane and inhuman law […]

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