Highest centuries in Cricket

Top Ten Total Centuries In ODIs Matches By Batsmen 1990 To 2020

In this statistics we are gonna show you, the top ten batsmen who hit most centuries in ODI matches. If you are cricket fan then you can’t miss to watch it. Cricket is one of the most famous sport in the world. Everytime someone somewhere trying to make or break records. Having records it’s a pride in itself. Just playing cricket is not important, you need to play with team […]

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Baba ka dhaba scam exposed

Baba Ka Dhaba Scam Exposed By Lakshay And Elvish

Here are the proofs and videos of Baba Ka Dhaba scam exposed by Lakshay Chaudhary and Elvish Yadav. They have placed very sensitive and noticeable points that will definitely to make you think on your donation. They have explained very well how people takes an advantage of your emotional behaviour. We respect and appreciate everyone who helped and donated to Baba Ka Dhaba but have you ever noticed that your […]

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Most 4s in Cricket rank

Top Ten Batsmen With Highest Number Of Fours From 1990 to 2020

In this article we are gonna see the highest number of 4 by batsmen from 1990 to 2020. Cricket is the most liked sport in India and who made Indians mad for it. You know the answer, his name get in the first rank when he entered in this game. Everybody knows the rules and how cricket fame growth over years. We have here the timeline of total number of […]

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Joker attitude quotes in hindi

30 Best Joker Quotes On Attitude In Hindi | Show Your Swag

Joker is the most famous villain in superhero movies, here you can have some of his best quotes on attitude in Hindi.  Actually this character is not only playing negative role but have realistic reasons to believing on it. If you haven’t watched the movie “The Dark Knight” then you can’t understand him properly. Joker role get famous after movie “The Dark Knight”, because movie was well plotted and every […]

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Beatboxing And Funny Reaction Viral Video

This video beatboxing and funny reaction is going viral on social media. Crowd reaction making this video noticeable. If you haven’t seen yet then you should watch it here. All the reactions and beatboxing really funny and can make you laugh. In this video you can see some boys one reflecting instrument voices by mouth and other giving their reactions. This is one of the funny reaction video going viral […]

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Top ten most followed accounts on Instagram

Top Ten Most Followed Accounts On Instagram From 2015 To 2020

Instagram is one of the famous social media platform for everyone. Here you can see the most followed Instagram accounts from 2015 to 2020. If you are a user of Instagram then there is no need to introduce you what is an Instagram platform. And if you are reading this article that means you are already a user of Instagram social media. May be you still don’t know but Instagram […]

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Top 10 military in the world

Top 10 Largest Military In The World From 1900 To 2020

All countries are focusing on improve their military strength. Here you can see the top ten largest military in the world from 1900 to 2020. We all well aware of the importance of having strong military. It’s true that comparing head to head is almost impossible because all countries are improving their powers day by day. We can just show you the power or strength according to number of soldiers […]

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quotes for your boyfriend

Quotes That You Can Send To Your Boyfriend Or Husband In Hindi

If you are looking for the best quotes or message send to your boyfriend or husband in Hindi then you are at right place. We have collected some of the best quotes that you can send it to your boyfriend or husband to show your love. We have lots of relations with particular people like, mother, father, best friend, etc. So it’s very important to send particular kind of message […]

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Magnesium Deficiency

10 Side Effects Of Magnesium Deficiency To Your Body

What happens to your body if you have deficiency of magnesium. Magnesium is one of the most bountiful minerals in the human body and is utilized in more than 300 diverse physiological cycles. Shockingly, magnesium is likewise one of the most unavoidable inadequacies in our general public today. Could the absence of magnesium impact your wellbeing adversely? This article separates the indications of a magnesium deficiency and the most ideal […]

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Baby shark dance vs despacito views

Baby Shark Dance Song Is About To Break Despacito Record

Despacito vs Baby Shark Dance. We all know that Despacito holding the record of the highest views on YouTube with 7,021,519,075 views (till 23 – 10 – 2020). After the record breaking views of Despacito song everybody is eagerly waiting for the new song that breaks the record of Despacito. Lots of songs were released in hope of to break highest views of YouTube but no one even get closer […]

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