68 year old women 2200 km cycling

2200 KM Cycling Done By 68 Years Old Women From Maharashtra

68 years old women cycling for 2200 km to visit Vaishno Devi. We are living in the generation where youth is busy with pubg and old people are making records. This is so hilarious and shame moment for Indian youth to waste time on IPL and useless entertainment.

Her journey video is going viral on social media that women is started her journey from Khamgaon to Jammu Kashmir. Now people are appreciating her determination and courage to not to give up.

There are lots of things to learn from this old lady, it actually shows being old with body will not make you old until you have youth soul in you. That’s really nice line by her for everyone who giving up even without trying.

We are here to make fake publicity but we can see, the records which should be make by the youth is getting by unexpected people. Today’s youth is not concerning about activities they are more likely to stuck with social or so called virtual life.

Forget about cycle, youth is not even ready to travel that long with bike also. So don’t trying to defend yourself with silly reasons. We should appreciate her and have our blessed.

Here are some videos that will help you to think about it.

After watching this video you might feel proud herself, because no one is with her. She is motivating people with her strong determination.

You know what? There is no use of this women to go for this journey because she is not celebrity at all. Mother fucker people will ignore this becasue they are more interested in boobs, butt, and well figure women.

My words may be hurting you but go deep inside in your heart and ask yourself would you share it or not. We got to know about her and immediately write article for her bravery decision. Now it’s your turn to make viral this lady.

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