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3 Simple Steps to Lose Weight Fast

There are numerous ways to lose weight quickly. If you are following wrong steps it will not help. Here are simple steps to lose weight fast.

So many things about choosing diet plans leave you hungry or unsatisfied. There are also several reasons to think why it’s so difficult to follow your diet plan.

But it may not also your diet will disappointment you. There are several ways that can help you to feel satisfied. Low card diet help you to consume less calories may help you to lose weight and that can be the simpler diet among diet plans.

Here are some most advantageous factors of following low carb diet:

  • It decreases your hunger
  • That help for weight loss fast
  • Improve your metabolic system

1. Lower your carb consumption

This is the more important part to decrease your sugar, starches and carbs.When you lower the your carb intake, your hunger will go down. Eventually you will end up with eating less calories. If you are doing work or something hard your body will start to consume fat rather than carb.

Cutting carbs will help you to down your insulin levels and help to reduce water weight of body. It is normal to lose 4-5kg in 14 days if yo are following proper guidelines. But remember in that 4-5kg it will include fat,water and muscle. You might think only about fat but reality is you need to lose some muscles also whenever you are trying to lose fat.

Most of the healthy human’s saying that low carb diet is more helpful than any other low fat diet.


Decrease the sugars and carbs from your eating routine can help you to decrease your hunger without feeling any lack of energy. It help you to lowering your insulin level and help to lose weight without any hunger.

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2. Eat protein, fat, and vegetables

I really strictly suggest you to incorporate protein, fat and low carb foods in your meal.

If you are starting to add these eating sources in your meal that will help you to reduce minimum 40-70grams carbs intake per day.


Eating more protein is also a good idea to decrease hunger. Protein intake can help you to decrease calories intake by 100-110 each day.

Protein is very important to gain muscles and muscle gain with exercise. If you have a closer look then protein intake increase the calories consumption. If you want to look more fit then don;t forget to get protein in your body.

Healthy protein sources:

  • Chicken, pork, beef
  • Salmon, shrimp
  • Full egg include yellow and white
  • Beans, soya

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Low carb vegetables

There are lots of vegetables with very low number of carbs. Don’t skip vegetables to lose weight. So many people are doing this mistake during weight loss to not eating vegetables.

Here are some low carbs vegetables:

  • broccoli
  • cauliflower
  • spinach
  • tomatoes
  • kale
  • Brussels sprouts
  • cabbage
  • Swiss chard
  • lettuce
  • cucumber

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Healthy fats

This is one of the biggest mistake to stop fat foods for weight loss. First you must know fatty foods are not responsible to make you fatty. Fat is also very important to our body, so there are also a types of fat which good or bad also.

Here are some healthy fat sources:

  • olive oil
  • coconut oil
  • avocado oil
  • spred

3. Lift weights three times each week

It’s not important to exercise everyday to get normal fit. Lifting weights will help you to consume lots of calories and keep your digestion strong. This is very notable example of losing weight.

In low carb diet you body will start to losing fat and lifting weight will help you to touch your muscles out edge to your skin.

This is also a good idea to at least lift weights 3 time a week. We know you are stucked with your daily work but it’s not difficult to manage time for 3 days in week. In by chance if it’s not possible to you to lift weights, you can do some circuit, cardio, running, swimming, cycling to get the job done of lifting weight.

Carb day in a week

Yes, sometimes you have to give priority to carbs also. Our body can’t survive without any vitamin or nutrition. So carb is also important to our body the it’s good idea to give 1 day per week for carb intake.

There are also a good carbs which can be healthy for your body including oats, rice, potatoes, etc. If you are feeling to eat something desirable you can have a cheat meal also. Don’t let your body weak for any type of meal.

But remember, you have one day to eat carbs that doesn’t mean to eat over your limit. You can eat what you desire but you must put limit for it also. If any healthy nutrition will be bad if you don’t limit is, then carbs can be also bad if you don’t limit it.

You may put on some water weight during your refeed day, and you will for the most part lose it again in the following 1–2 days.

Calories count control

You must not get afraid by counting calories consumption till you eating low carb and high protein and other healthy sources. Your fear can help to increase calories instead of reducing it. You don’t care about it if you are following all the rules.

10 weight loss tips

Here are some additional tips to  lose weight fast:

  • Having a high or healthy breakfast in the morning. High protein breakfast will help you to reduce hunger and calories intake for whole day.
  • Away you self from sugar products, and natural juices. These are the most weight gaining things for your body.
  • Drink water before your dinner. One research showed that drinking water 30 minuted before your dinner or meal can help you to digest meal and help you to lose weight by 40%.
  • Choose weight loss friendly foods. If you are addicted to some junk foods then beter find the good alternative for it.
  • Drink tea of coffee, Caffeine can help you to reduce weight with boosting digestion system.
  • Eat at particular time. Some people are eating continuously after hour and hour. If you are eating constantly your body will feel full of you stomach. That will increase your weight.
  • Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep could be the reason of your belly and weigh gain. If you don’t get enough of sleep no one can help you to lose weight. That doesn’t matter which kind of workout you are doing it will not help you to lose weight if you don’t get full sleep.

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How quick will you get more fit?

You may lose 4-5kg in 10 days with following proper exercise and diet tips. If you are eating less junk food then your weight loss process will boost with out any barrier.

Some people are getting side effects of keto diet and low carb diet. But there is no need to afraid of it these side effects are temporary till your body get adapt with it.

After following someday people are starting to feeling good or better.

Other advantage of low carb diet rather than weight loss:

  • Glucose levels will get reduce on low carb diet.
  • Help to down the triglycerides
  • Reduce LDL (awful) cholesterol
  • HDL means good cholesterol goes up
  • Brain system get improve


By following the low carb diet we will have lots of health benefits. We have seen above like sugar level will get in control, insulin, digestion system will also be get improved. Keto diet getting so popular because it’s simply follow one phenomena it’s low carb diet. You must know your weight loss is more likely depends on your calories consumption and low carb diet gently help for it.

This is not only about carbs but you will need to look over all the tips , because only one solution never be helpful to lose weight.

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