5 Simple Tricks For Making Your Makeup Last Long

5 Simple Tricks For Making Your Makeup Last Long

Mornings with fresh makeup feel like hitting the day on the red carpet, but what about evenings with the same makeup. How does it make you feel?

I know it completely washes off your charming beauty and makes your face unappealing and probably makes you think this is how I was looking today and spoils the mood that denies every amusing thing that calls you to live the life of Riley. If this tiny story represents your pain. It’s time to get good riddance with it and learn amazing tricks for making your makeup last long.

Makeup does a great transformation, it completely changes the way we look and feel but when it swipes off the annoyance we feel is inexplicable. It literally feels like throwing off all the makeup products we have. But every time these cute goodies whisper sweet nothing and save themselves. Well, it’s not the fault of makeup products, it’s our inability to use them wisely. Don’t fret, I’m here to impart the wisdom of how to keep makeup fresh all day.

Well, there are already some makeup products you have in your makeup bag that helps to keep your makeup stays for long. Most beauties use the best loose powder in India to keep their makeup fresh, if you are one of them great! And get ready to learn more amazing tricks for flawless makeup that lasts long.

So, your quest of how to make your makeup stay on all day is about to come at the end. you would be surely amazed to know how easy these tricks of lost lasting makeup are. It just requires the right product on the right skin type in the right sequence. Let me walk you through the amazing tips on how to do makeup that lasts the whole day.

5 Simple Tricks For Making Your Makeup Last Long

Generally, oily skin beauties come up with the question of how to make makeup last on oily skin in comparison to other skin types. But do you think that oily skin is the oily skin type that goes through with makeup smudging or deoxidization? 

Every skin type faces problems keeping their makeup fresh all day. So whatever your skin type, these amazing tricks for making your makeup last long will put you in seventh heaven.

1. Prepare Your Skin

Preparation is a must in everything whether it’s an important meeting, date, or vacation without it everything just falls off the line. The same thing is with your makeup. If you apply makeup when your skin is not ready, it will start throwing it off. So it’s better to prepare your skin to do lovey-dovey with the makeup.

Now, the question occurs: how do you prepare your skin for makeup that lasts long. The answer is easier than the question itself. Preparing the skin means clearing out excess oil, impurities, and dust from the skin and making the skin smooth for the perfect makeup application.

Start over by cleaning your face, exfoliation and you can even use a sheet mask that nourishes your skin instantly. When its all done use a primer according to your skin type and then Bam! Your skin is prepared to get along with your makeup until the heavy rain sweeps makeup away.

5 Simple Tricks For Making Your Makeup Last Long 1

2. Use Matte Makeup Products

Makeup products in a matte formula don’t only look mesmerizing but also stick to the skin for a long time. Trade your glossy and creamy makeup products that slip away from your skin to luxurious matte makeup regardless of foundation and concealer if your skin is dry otherwise you have free will to use matte cosmetics.

Matte makeup is created with micro minerals formula that helps to absorb the excess oil in the skin while keeping it smooth and moisturized. Use eyeshadow, highlighter, compact, foundation, and even concealer that is formulated with micro minerals, and if your lip color fades always gain the perks of the best long-lasting lipstick in India.

5 Simple Tricks For Making Your Makeup Last Long 2

3. Use Moisturizer in Right Way

Balancing the right moisture in your skin is key to make makeup long-lasting. If the skin is not well moisturized your makeup will be flaky and fade away quickly or on the other hand if it’s more than needed the makeup will slide off from the face. 

Maintaining the right amount of moisturization is more than a trick. But I will reveal it so that you can get proportionate moisture on your skin and slay throughout the day.

For dry use, a non greasy but oil-based moisturizer and oily skin beauties a water-based or non oily moisturizer work best. After applying it let it get absorbed in your skin, sprinkle some water on the face and pat dry gently with a cotton towel. It will help to penetrate adequate moisturization into your skin and your skin will be the perfect canvas for long-lasting makeup.

5 Simple Tricks For Making Your Makeup Last Long 3

4. Makeup Setting Powder

A prominent makeup hack that is used worldwide to set the makeup in place. Makeup setting powder is also famous as a loose powder that is formulated with talc and Sicilia, magical ingredients that absorb the excess unnecessary moisture from the skin and keep skin oil-free and fresh all day long.

Overapplication of makeup setting powder can make skin cakey and unappealing so always use a makeup setting powder only once after your makeup is done.

5 Simple Tricks For Making Your Makeup Last Long 4

5. Makeup Fixing Spray

I’m in love with the refreshment it gives to my face and sets the makeup like fevi kwik. Hehe… I know it’s funny but nothing else could be a great example of it. If your skin is dry or somewhat sensitive using an aloe vera makeup fixing spray would flatter your skin. Besides oily skin, numerous ultra-matte makeup fixing sprays are available to keep your skin gorgeous until you clean your makeup.

5 Simple Tricks For Making Your Makeup Last Long 5

In this article, I have familiarized you with amazing simple tricks for making your makeup last long. I hope you enjoyed reading our article and use these simple tricks to flaunt gorgeous skin. Tell us what trick you find best from the article, we love to hear from you.

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