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6 Week Weight Gain Diet Plan In Budget

Best diet plan to gain weight with your budget

The given weight gain diet plan for every person who are in under weight. We tried to manage these all tips in average budget. Before we start to describing our weight gain diet plan, we would like to introduce you some basic fundamentals to correct by your own.

We only can give you the structure of diet plan but what is the logic behind all meal plans is very important to know. Because you are only one to know how much quantity you should served to yourself to gain the weight.

First you should know the difference between weight gain and fat gain. If you are pursuing fat foods to gain the weight, you will gain it but with fat. It’s not healthy way to approach your weight gain task. Our whole body weight is distributed with muscles, organs, blood, fat etc. This is always recommended that to gain weight in healthy way. So don’t go for fatty foods and junk foods for gaining your weight.

Our main task to improve your calories intake to increase your weight. That means we will manage our diet plan according with calories quantity.

Does only calories matter for weight gain?

Nope, it’s not only about calories, we just focused more towards calories. Your body always needs protein, carbs and other nutrition. It doesn’t matter how much calories you need, you should keep your other nutrition values in mind. We providing you the best foods in diet to keep your other nutrition need too.

As everybody knows that you can increase calories intake without any hesitation but maintaining other nutrition with it very difficult. You don’t need to take care about carbs and protein if you are following the diet we providing. First we research and then we design and our major priority is always on how our diet would be suitable for everyone. That means we take care of your whole body nutrition.

Diet plan for weight gain

Monday ( 2400-2700 calories)

Breakfast (800-900 calories): two boiled eggs + four brown bread slices + one cup orange juice

Morning Snack (90-120 calories): 1 Apple

Lunch (350-410 calories): one egg roll + small cup of brown rice

Evening snacks (480-520): Cheese sandwich

Dinner ( 700-750 calories): 300g chicken + four tomato slices + one roti

Tuesday (2390-2730 calories)

Breakfast (700-800 calories): two banana + baked potato + 1 apple

Morning Snacks ( 190-210): Fried bacon

Lunch (600-720): 200gm chicken leg peas + two roti + salad

Evening breakfast (200-250 calories): two banana + 5 almonds

Dinner (700-750 calories): two cup cooked spinach + 1 cup tomato soup + spinach bread salad

Wednesday (2440-2800 calories):

Breakfast (700-800 calories): 150ml milk + 30gm oats + two boiled eggs + grape nuts cereal

Morning Snacks (250-350 calories): four slices brown bread

Lunch (640-700 calories): 1 small cup of brown rice + 1 cup mixed beans + one cup soy sauce + one apple

Evening breakfast (100-150 calories): fried bacon

Dinner (750-800 calories): one roti + lentils + mixed veg salad + fried chicken

Thursday (2030-2210 calories)

Breakfast (480-520 calories): chick peas 286 + one apple + one cup of orange juice

Morning Snacks (240-260): one spoon of honey + 30gm nuts

Lunch (650-700 calories): 200gm fried chicken + cabbage,carrot mixed salad + yogurt

Evening breakfast ( 60-80 calories): one spoon honey

Dinner (600-650): 200gm boiled chicken + yogurt + 2 roti + one tomato

Friday ( 2370-2770)

Breakfast (500-600 calories): four brown bread slices + two banana

Morning Snacks (100-150): 200gm milk

Lunch (800-900): 2 roti + roasted chicken + veg pudding

Evening breakfast (370-420): cheese sandwich

Dinner (600-700): two roti + lentils + 20gm cheese + small cup of brown rice

Saturday (1820-2110 calories)

Breakfast (300-350 calories): two boiled eggs + one cup orange juice + two spoon honey

Morning Snacks (180-210 calories): two banana

Lunch (600-700 calories): tomato soup + two roti + two cups of cooked spinach + tomato soup rice

Evening breakfast (100-150 calories): 200 ml milk

Dinner (640-700 calories): four slices brown bread + boiled potato + mixed veg salad + small cup of brown rice

Sunday (2160-2390 calories)

Breakfast (450-510 calories): grape nuts cereal + 30gm oats

Morning Snacks (120-150 calories): 1 oz granola

Lunch (660-710 calories): mixed veg + small cup brown rice + three slices of brown bread with 2 spoon peanut butter

Evening breakfast (350-400 calories): 100 gm chick peas

Dinner (580-620 calories): mixed veg salad + 200gm boiled chicken +two roti

Extra tips

All diet tips provided above are designed for everyone, anyone can do it. Don’t get so much bother about calories counts. You can increase calories count by adding extra quantity of foods. Your snacks must be healthy and light, not much heavy to digest.  If you can’t able to manage it day by day no worries, you can have exchange meal plan day with other day. You just need to worries about your hunger. You might feel so much hunger at the starting of diet, because your body have habits with particular foods.

We need to know something about our body hunger pattern. If you look closer, you will find that your hunger is not depends on your appetite. Your mind designed some foods to full fill your hunger, if you eat something different your mind will still think about hunger because you tried new food. When we start this diet, you need to be patience with your body to adapt new foods to full fill your hunger.

Foods for weight gain

To gaining weight you need to know some foods that can help you to gain weight. Everything is depends on what you put in your body so having meal plan is great but you should have knowledge of these foods to gain weight.

  1. Milk
  2. Rice
  3. Red meat
  4. Nuts
  5. Grain breads
  6. Salmon
  7. Dark chocolate
  8. Oats
  9. Yogurt
  10. Cheddar
  11. Pasta
  12. Potatoes

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Is exercise necessary to gain weight?

When it comes to exercise people only think that, exercise is only for losing weight not for gaining weight. This is the most wrong information in the world I have ever heard. Exercise main goal is not to lose weight, it’s to keep you healthy. Exercise is totally different phenomenon which we can’t compare with your diet plan. We will cover this topics in other article but we will give you some light highlight.

Exercise main motive is to keep your body with new activities adaption. Change is the nature of rule if you only depends on diet that means you will gain weight but only with fat not any muscle improvement. If you want to keep maintain your body in all direction you need to exercise at least 10 min daily.


This weight gain diet plan will definitely help you you to manage your weight but remember don’t over dose any mean for gaining weight fast. You must increase your intake slowly slowly that will help you to adapt change with your body. If you suddenly change the routine it’s obvious that you feel nausea or restless but that side effects only because of body nature to trying new daily routine.

We also recommend you to have at least small amount of exercise to boost your metabolism and help to digest your foods. Your small amount of exercise even help you to manage your calories balance and keep your body in shape.

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