7 year old girl lift 80 kg Rory Van Ulft strongest youngest girl canada

7 Year Old Girl Lifts 80 Kg Weight | Rory Van Ulft

How can just 7 year old girl lifts 80 kg weight and declared as a world strongest 7 year girl. Besides she can squat with 61 kg and chest press with 25 kg.

Rory is 7 year old and started gymnastic after her 5th birthday. A few weeks ago she won the weightlifting championship under 11 age and 13 age year quota. She has became the most youngest US youth national championship in history.

In latest interview she said,”I like to become more stronger than before, I don’t think about what came before and what would come after, I don’t think anything. I just got mind mind clear all the way”.

There is no doubt that Rory is the strongest little girl who can deadlift with around 80 kg and perform squat with 61 kg.

Rory Van Ulft have one 5 year old brother and lives with her parents at Ottawa in Canada. She considers herself as a gymnast and spend over 9 hours in gym per week, in that 4 hours are only for weightlifting.

You may wondering that why does she competing in US championship instead of Canada, because there is not youth national championship organised in Canada. In her statement she proudly said,” when I lift more weight than before I ever had and I am proud of myself.

Here is the video of Rory Van Ulft deadlifting with 79 kg weight.

This is really amazing in that age, it’s also difficult for adults to lift that much weights. This can be only done with determination and she proved it.

Second video of squat with 61 kg

We are sure that, adults having used to use 60 kg weights for squat. Only leg lovers can understand the pain of leg day. So imagine how much pain she is surviving for her dreams.

If you love to go to gym and want motivation for it, then this 7 year old girl is perfect for you. And besides there is no boy who lifted 79 kg in 7 year age.

She is not doing all this recklessly, for her safety is on first priority. Her teachers and doctors regularly guide her for proper nutrition and major safeties.

At the end she advised everyone and we all should take it as a suggestion as well, she said don’t just try to lift heavy, you should focus on your form.

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