Aisha Sultana

Aisha Sultana: Cute And Enthusiastic Model and Actor

Aisha Sultana is cute and beautiful personality, she has started to pursuing her modeling and acting passion in early age. We have lots of thing to learn from Aisha Sultana. In this article we will have light overlook on her profile and about her struggle.

Always remember guys, there is no shortcut to achieve your dreams, you need to do hardwork and Aisha Sultana is one of the example of it.

Here are the some examples that can help you to understand how much she enthusiastic with her dreams. She has started her journey with simple photoshoots in her college days and believing herself that she could be a perfect model.

It’s very difficult to pursuing your dreams with your education study. Because you need to focus on both sides but that is what we had talked “there is no shortcut” and she is trying very hard. We should proud on her, that she is putting her hardwork at this age.

Here are some pics of Aisha Sultana

Aisha Sultana Bridal makeover

Bridal makeover

Aisha Sultana Photos

नैनों की अर्जियां तुझ तक पहुंच गए

Aisha Sultana Modern One Piece

One piece modern look

This is not the only photos she have on their profile. You should follow her if you want to get motivation for your goals. What do you think, is she only doing photoshoots? No, she is a beautiful actor also.

Here are some of the videos during her video shoots:

There are lots of people who are really talented but we hadn’t got our sight on them. This is the only difference between famous celebrities and normal celebrities.

Aisha Sultana is not only a model and actor but she also promote social messages to the world. Have a look on some pics that shows “Stop Rape” and we should stand against Rape.

Aisha Sultana stop rape message

These posts are very effective to pass message against Rape. there are more posts that shows good messages to society, if you wanna watch more you should follow her.

Here are some of the best posts of Aisha Sultana on Instagram

She don’t stop here, because her passion lead her to video song. Zara Zara Behekta Hai.

Zara Zara Behekta Hai [Cover 2020] | RHTDM | Alex Maan ft. VJ | Full Bollywood Music Video

It’s not all about Aisha Sultana but you can know more on her Instagram account.

About Her:

Aisha Sultana

  • Actor/model
  • Chasing dreams
  • Milestones to be achieved
  • Dm me for paid collaboration

Instagram Account:


Aisha Sultana
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