Grandmother toddler baby and save alcohol

Alcohol Is More Important Than Toddler Baby Funny Viral Video

The video has gone viral on social media, that showed old women choose to save fizz over toddler baby. That was so funny, people are making memes and jokes of it. In this video women have great time with baby and trying to fill her glass with fizz. She over hand the glass to baby but bay was nit able to hold it tightly and about spill it.

Some how she tried to save that glass but she couldn’t. but at the time of saving that glass she forget to save her grand child. Eventually toddler bay fall down but not serious matter at all.

It’s all look very funny so please don’t take it too serious. Here you can see the video of grandmother who let fall her grand child for glass of vizz.

This viral video has retweeted on tweeter more than 40,000 times and cross over 1 lakh likes. The comment section was filled with positive and negative comments. Some people have taken this serious and blaming her women over her priority. Although that’s not fair to choose glass to save over toddler baby, so negative critics also right approach.

Some of the people taking this lightly and making funny comments, so have a look here are some funny and serious comments that can make you laugh.

We hope you will choose your priorities with right approach. Don’t be a funny viral video like this. Otherwise we will add you in our viral stories. Ha ha ha.

You can add your comments below and let us know what did you feel with this viral funny video.

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