Baba Ka Dhaba files a case

Baba Ka Dhaba Files Case Against YouTuber

Baba Ka Dhaba files case against YouTuber who used his name to scam for money. A few days ago Baba had received a cheque of around 2.5 lac rupees, but this figure get donated make people to doubt about total donation amount.

Few days ago Gaurav Wasan had shared video of Baba Ka Dhaba and it gone viral on social media. The main motive behind that video was to help Baba to receive more profit from his business. In recent interview with Baba said that, now people are just coming to take selfies not to buy any food.

At the beginning, Baba was receiving huge customers and get business around 10,000/- per day, but now it coming to normal and he facing customer issues again.

It was good that someone helped him to earn more money, but no one was aware that he will get used to earn money. Wasan who shot Baba Ka Dhaba video, gave his own bank details to receive donation and convinced Baba to not give anyone your own bank details. 80 years old Baba agreed with his approach. Baba was only receiving money from customers and hard cash donation but he didn’t receive any money from Wasan, Baba said.

Baba realised that he was getting use to use people sentiments to get more donation from innocent people. He only received money 2.5 lac after some YouTuber raised voice to give him his collected donation. After getting pressured by famous YouTuber he gave cheque to Baba. But it was quite confusing that how can Baba only receive that low amount of money.

Now, Baba is realised Wasan using his face to make people emotional and receiving huge amount of money in term of donation. Finally Baba filed a case against YouTuber who receiving scam money.

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