Baba ka dhaba scam exposed

Baba Ka Dhaba Scam Exposed By Lakshay And Elvish

Here are the proofs and videos of Baba Ka Dhaba scam exposed by Lakshay Chaudhary and Elvish Yadav. They have placed very sensitive and noticeable points that will definitely to make you think on your donation. They have explained very well how people takes an advantage of your emotional behaviour.

We respect and appreciate everyone who helped and donated to Baba Ka Dhaba but have you ever noticed that your money is either reached or not to the respected needed person? If no, then anyone can make you fool or can takes an advantage of your being naive nature.

If you can be responsible to change someone’s life that only only mean to help and go, your responsibilities could not be full filled until your help proved to be helpful that paerson. We are not discouraging you to donate but we want you to become more aware of your donation. Your money is so damn important to some who really needs it, so don’t pay for third party person.

Few days ago Gaurav from “Swad Official” uploaded video of “Baba Ka Dhaba”, we appreciate and  give respect to him but is he really wanted to help or just was it publicity stunt. There is no issues to get publicity because he worth it, but what if someone stealing money by using someones face. We motivate everyone to to help and get publicity but what is more important is your loyalty.

If people can upload fraud work so why don’t you upload good work, but there must be not any hidden fraud work with maks of loyalty. This words are not for Swad Official but it’s just a social request to everyone. We will give all publicity to respected person but you need to be just loyal to public.

In Baba Ka Dhaba video, you might saw payment details to donate some cash to Baba but it was so strange that account and payment details wasn’t belongs to baba. So have you ever think about your money that is reached or not to Baba. There are lots of question are arriving like, if total money was donated around 20 lakh so why respected person only hand over around 2.5 lakh to Baba.

There are lots of questions and eventually make to think about scam. We are not alleging anyone but these social help must be social, so here is the video by Lakshay Chaudhary who is explained all the scam and try to clear all scenario.

After watching this video you may understand how this Baba Ka Dhaba scam going on. Baba still didn’t receive any money from the payment receiver. We hope Baba will receive his money very soon.

Here is the another famous YouTuber Elvish Yadav who covered this topic. You should watch this video too because it’s our responsibility to become more aware with social issues.

If you have really watched the both videos then there is no need to explain you more about this scam. If you were ready to help Baba then you must ready to help him to claim his money.

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