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Back Workout With Loop Band At Home

Nowadays loop bands are very popular for exercises. you can perform even back workout with it. We have learn lots of loop band exercises. Now, it’s time for back workout. The main advantage of a loop band is you can carry it anywhere with ease and no need of special arrangements to exercise.

You just simply know how to use a loop band for various exercises to target your particular muscle body. I know that, you can find lots of exercise form with a loop band but covering the back muscles is really hard. People are mostly questioning the covering of back muscles with various equipment. In this article we are gonna learn how you can use mini loop bands for back workout.

Before we start I would like to tell you that loop band exercises are really reliable for everyone. It doesn’t matter what’s your age you can perform it with loop band. We will keep investigate new ways of exercises till have a look on this.

Loop Band Back Workout

Single hand bent over

This exercise is the same as we perform for bent over exercise but mini loop bands are not that stretchable so it’s better to perform it with a single hand. Your venting position is very important while you perform this exercise because if you mislead the bent, your targeted muscle will change and no results in outcome.
  • Get your loop band in your one leg
  • Bent your body down from the hip
  • Pull up the loop band and release slowly
Seated cable row is one of the best exercises for developing your back muscles and it’s very easy to perform. In this exercise we know that we don’t have cable to pull so we simply pull out the loop band. We just need to find a better hook to hook the band over it. If you think closer you can find the best hook in your body and it’s legs.
  • Get in seated position lied your both legs on floor
  • Hooked up your loop band in your legs
  • Hold loop band with both hands
  • Pull it till you get your elbows back to your body
  • Your elbows must reached back to your body
  • Release the loop band and pull it again
In the knee stand cable row you need to stand on your one knee. Put your loop band down to your knee. When you pull the band your body should not rotate. Only your elbow should get behind your back. You can feel the pressure at your back, if you want to boost its result you can slow down the speed.
  • Put your knee on the loop band
  • Grab your loop band and pull it as much as you can
  • Release pressure and repeat it
You can also perform deadlift exercises with a loop band. The opposite resistance of the band will work as weight for you. Just remember while performing a deadlift your lower back bent is very important otherwise your time and hardwork will not pay off. Be careful to choose loop band resistance because overpower will break the loop band.
  • Stand on loop band, your both legs must be on loop band
  • Hold the loop band with your hands and stand straight
  • You may now feel the pressure on your hands
  • Now, bent yourself from lower back slowly
  • Hold for 2-3 seconds and get back to the standing position
In this exercise your back lat will definitely pump. I always recommend this exercise to everyone for v shape body. If you want broad back then don’t forget this exercise. We mainly perform this exercise with machine and it’s very easy with it. You can even increase the weight if you are doing it with machine, but things not going same for loop band. We don’t have any resistance weight so you should keep your form in perfect way. Your hands movements are very important in this exercise.
  • Hold loop band from inner side of it
  • Expand this loop band with wide angle hand
  • Bent yourself slightly to down
  • Now raise your hand and then down it
  • Keep maintain the distance of your both hand during exercise
We usually perform this exercise with equipment, and we are going to perform it with a loop band. Here is the biggest difference, we are not gonna add any weights here. We would only take care of distance between hands. Remain procedures are the same as lat pull down. I would like to give you a bonus tip for it, try to shrink your back muscles while you trying to perform this exercise.
  • Hold loop band from its inner side
  • Spread your hands and make box shape along with your shoulders
  • Rise your both hands up and slowly down with keeping distance between hands
  • Remember when you pull down it, loop band must be behind your head
This exercise is the same as we described above; the only difference is pulling style. In the previous style we needed to keep our elbow close to our body, in this we need to keep the elbow away from the body. You can see it in the video we embedded above.
  • Seat on the floor and hook your loop band in your leg
  • Grab that loop band with one hand
  • Pull it on as much as you pull back
  • Release and pull it off slowly
This is a very effective exercise with a loop band because you can choose the resistance to pull it down. Your one hand would work as resistance and your one will work as exercise muscle. We need to perform like we pull down but with only one hand.
  • Get your loop band and rise it up
  • Hook it up in one hand and try to pull down with other hand
  • Your elbows need to get down as much as you can
  • Once you completed with one hand then change the hand
  • And repeat exercise for other side
It’s name indicates that we need to use only one hand but remember that’s only means one hand at a time. Your other hand is also in work to keep the loop band up as a resistance level. Your both hands will work in opposite force to each other.
  • Get your loop band ready and bent your back down slightly
  • Hook it up loop band in one hand
  • Try to pull down with your lat
  • After completing one side switch to the other side


You must know that back exercises included some forms of other exercises that’s why it’s quite complicated to achieve perfection. I have one biggest tip to give you, back exercises include lower back and mainly lat back. All exercises explained above incorporate your back muscles that simply means you need to know your exercise structure during workout. If you achieve the correct form you will definitely get good results. When it comes to weight exercises, it’s very difficult to achieve perfection that means we have a plus point here to achieve perfection.

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