Basic abs workout with dumbbells

Basic Abs Workout With Use Of Dumbbells | Home Abs Exercise Tips

Abs workout is very useful for a strong core. If you wanna lose your fat or weight it always starts with the belly. Your belly is the centre of your health, if you become reckless then you will start to gain belly and if you become aware of health then your belly will start to lose.

Losing belly fat is the toughest task for everyone because it will need damn hard work.There are lots of ways that you train your body for abs, you can find variations with gym and equipment. Here we are going to learn abs workout with dumbbells.

1. Leg raise pull over

In this exercise we will combine leg raise and pull over exercise. It will help you to lose weight and develop abs. Because of the dumbbells you may feel tough at the beginning but after 2-3 sets you will get familiar with it.

2. Standing side twist

One of the easiest exercises for side abs. This exercise will help you to target your abs and love handles. It’s a very easy exercise among all the abs workouts. You just need to hold dumbbells in front of you and then try to twist your body.

3. Knee touch crunches

You need to maintain body balance for it. It’s effective but very hard to balance at the beginning. Once you used to perform this exercise you will find this easy and effective exercise. Get sleep and hold dumbbells in hands. Now try to touch your knee to your chest. And get back to the initial position.

4. Russian twist

We performed a side twist as an easy exercise. Russian twist is advanced and harder than standing twisting although there is not much difference between these exercises. Get sit and bend your knee, and try to twist right and left continuously.

5. Crossover side twist

It’s the same as standing side twist but we will twist our body cross. Down left to up right and down right to up left.

6. Knee bent crunches

Do this exercise if you want really fast results. Knee bent crunches are difficult and bent knee crunches are more difficult. The more hard the exercise the more results you will have. Get lied on the floor. Hold dumbbells in both hands and bent your knee. Now move up your body and keep your both hands up.

7. Shoulder press crunch

Only targeting abs will not help to develop abs. Try to merge some other exercises with your abs workout. In shoulder press crunch workout you need to perform shoulder press with only one hand. It may be difficult but worth it to perform.

8. Vertical leg crunches

It’s even hard because you need to keep your legs up vertically. No need to worry for it. You can take support of walls to keep your legs up. Once you take the position you just need to try touching your toe with dumbbells.

9. Alternate leg raise

Alternate leg raise is like running crunches but here we have dumbbells so we can’t achieve the speed as running crunches. So it’s better to decrease your speed and achieve perfection. Get sleep and hold two dumbbells in each hand. Now whenever you raise your leg you need to raise your left hand and whenever you raise your right leg you need to raise your right hand.

How much set per exercise?

It’s mainly depends on your capacity to perform number of sets but consider your sets with reps. Your reps will define the number of sets, so we would like to give you a exercise table for it.

  • Leg raise pull over: 3 sets with 10 reps
  • Standing side twist: 3 sets with 15 reps
  • Knee touch crunches: 3 sets with 7-8 reps
  • Russian twist: 4 sets with 15 reps
  • Crossover side twist: 4 sets with 20 reps
  • Knee bent crunches: 3 sets with 8-10 reps
  • Shoulder press crunches: 3 sets with 10-12 reps
  • Vertical leg crunches: 3 sets with 6-8 reps
  • Alternate leg raise: 3 sets with 10 reps or 30-40 sec per set

We hope this article will help you, if you have some questions you can ask in comment below, we will give you an answer as soon as possible.

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