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Best 7 exercises to lose belly fat at home

Belly fat is very stubborn to lose. Everyone wants to lose belly fat, here are the some best exercise that you can do at home. The best point is that you don’t need any equipment or weights to perform abs workout. We are about see the various types of belly fat workout. In above video you can see the full video of this article in visual form. But we also take care of people who loves to read. Let’s go then, we will see and try it at home.

Leg rises (Lifts)

In leg lifts you just have to sleep on your back to the floor. Keep your legs straight. Don’t hold it so far from each other. Keep your legs close and rise it up slowly. Now we are ready to perform it.

  • Sleep on the floor then lift your both legs simultaneously
  • You need to lifts your legs till you will become 90 degree angle between your body and legs.
  • You can get support of floor with your hands if you are facing trouble during this workout.
  • Now, don’t get cocky. Release your legs slowly to feel pressure even during releasing step.
  • You should perform 15 reps and it’s 3 sets.

Leg rises can help you to reduce your belly fat because it hit the lower belly part.

Half crunches

Half crunches is like normal crunches but only difference is you would only rise your body half. In regular crunches we rise our body at full angle and in half crunches simply rise half angle. Now, we must know the form to perform.

Sleep on the ground, fold your legs in upward direction that means your knees will be up. Rise your head towards you knees. If you can perform it easily then hold your both hands behind your head. And it does going hard then you can touch the floor by your hands and get support from floor.

  • We have studied about its form and almost done how to perform.
  • When you rise your head don’t snatch you body, do it slowly.
  • While returning to the initial position get back slowly.
  • Repeat this for 15 and do its 3 sets.

Half crunches is very effective to develop the strength of abs. It can help to boost your stamina and if stamina get increases you fat losing chances also get increase.

Alternate leg lift

We have learnt how to perform leg rises (lifts). We raised our both legs simultaneously. In this exercise we will lift our legs alternately not both legs at a time.

  • Get in the initial position. Now, rise only one leg right. Your left leg must be down to it’s initial position.
  • This is very important step so read it gently. You are now releasing your right leg down to it’s initial position.
  • When do you start to release your one leg at that time you must start your other leg to lift up.
  • It can see like a scissor. Do it at your potential. Or you can do it’s 15 reps and 3 sets.

Alternate leg rises is one of a cardio type exercise. It will make your thigh feel pain and get pressure to your side abs one by one.


Bicycle exercise indicate that how we are going to perform it. You will have to exercise like you are riding a bicycle. Clean your floor to get sleep on.

  • Rise your one leg up with fold in knees.
  • Remember that your legs must be folded whenever you lift the legs.
  • Now, lift your right leg and left leg as it’s initial position.
  • After you reached the maximum limit of your right leg you can release it to down. This the time when you should start to rise your left leg.
  • Continue this bicycling till you complete 15 reps and do it’s 3 sets.

You will get the good advantage here like you getting for riding cycle. So if you don’t have bicycle so this is also good option. And the plus point of this exercise is that will give more focus on your belly.

Elbow knee crunches

The main part of this exercise is to use your elbow and knee.  You need to twist your body with opposite elbow and knee. You will get understand it now in steps.

  • Sleep and fold your both legs with knees in up direction. Your one leg for example you right foot on your right knee.
  • If you took your left foot on your right knee that means you need to get your right hand behind your head.
  • Now, try to to touch your right elbow to your left leg knee.
  • Repeat it’s 15 reps then change the position of legs and hands.. And the same before we have done.
  • Repeat its 20 reps and 3 sets.

As we can see your body get twisted so there are highly chance of making your body flexible and lots of pressure at particular abs points at a time. That can help you to lose belly fat fast.

Rock climber

This exercise looks same like we are climbing a rock mountain. We will know why people calling it rock climber. Get your body in camel position. your both hands and legs on the floor and lift up your hip. It will look like camel animal.

  • First, rise your right leg towards your chest. Try to fold your knee while you rising your leg.
  • Then get back your right leg to it’s initial state. Then rise your left leg towards your chest and release to initial state.
  • It looks like slow but you have to perform it in fast way. Do it fast as much as fast you can.
  • Do its 30 reps of one legs means there will be 60 reps by both legs and 3 sets.

Lots of people love to climb the rock and it’s no doubt that fatty person can’t climb the rock easily as normal person do. This is all because of the belly fat. Belly fat limits your body movements. Rock climber will make you sweat because it includes your body in running position. This is why rock climber exercise can help to lose belly fat.

Elbow to knee plank

we need to obtain a plank position during perform this exercise. After you obtain the plank position we are ready to perform it. Like it’s name elbow to knee that means we will have to touch elbow and knee. But remember the if you are rising your left leg then your left leg go in direction on left elbow and vice versa.

  • The advantage of this exercise is plank and rock climbing achieve in only one exercise. But that does not mean to ignore regular rock climber and planks.
  • Once you get in plank position, try to touch you leg knee to the right elbow. When you reached your maximum rising capacity then get you leg to it’s first position.
  • Now, rise your right leg towards your left elbow and the release it to normal.
  • Do it’s 20 reps and 3 sets.

Everyone knows that plans are very effective for abs. So, we can simply add the planks in rock climber exercise. That will boost the effect of rock climber and plank exercise. Eventually it’s very useful to lose belly fat.


These all exercise can help you to lose belly fat. Exercises are very important to lose belly fat. Your daily routine and eating nature is also important factor in belly fat. You can reduce belly fat with healthy diet but chances are very low. If you are doing exercises for losing belly fat then chances are very high.

We have some extra tips to lose belly fat because there never be only one way to lose belly fat.

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