Best foods to increase exercise stamina

Best foods to increase exercise stamina

Do you feel low energy throughout the day? Do you want to increase your exercise stamina Going to work with full potential and not able to put at your work? Are you feeling tired so quickly?
This is not only because of your mood but your eating routine is also important. Even if you are eating very good food or having a healthy breakfast, the more important thing is what you eat and how much you eat. Sometimes we go reckless to eat more quantity because the choice of your food is healthy and nutritious but remember your quantity also plays a part in it.
There aren’t any foods which can’t give you energy, every food will give some kind of energy but not in the same quantity. Like, one apple is equal in nutrition with one roti.
In this article we are gonna show you the best foods to eat to increase your exercise stamina.
Before we start we would like to tell you, if these foods help to increase exercise stamina that is obvious it will also increase your entire day’s energy.

List of foods for exercise stamina


Our first choice is eggs, because eggs are easily available and provide huge nutrition to health. There are also foods who contain such a great value of nutrition but whenever we compare it with its cost, and availability, eggs are always on top.
Eggs contain a very large amount of protein and vitamins too. Protein containing foods are very helpful to increase stamina, energy and boost recovery of muscles after exercise.


If it comes to nutrition, carbohydrates, fiber which is very important to keep our body healthy. Apple is the best choice for it, the best part of apple is that you can carry it anywhere and can eat it. Like, eggs you need to boil it before you eat eggs, but thanks god apple don’t need to boil or fry.
Apple helps to boost immunity power, acidity, and help to provide energy for long.


Beans are very reached with natural energy resources. If you can’t eat non-veg for your muscle, then beans are a better alternative for it. Beans almost contain the same number of proteins as chicken per weight. The main difference is only about some vitamins, fiber, and carbohydrates values.
If you value 200g of beans you will get 660kcal of energy, 50 gram of protein, 120g of carbohydrates and 40g of fiber. It’s all we need to keep our body healthy.


There is no doubt that coffee is popular to make the mood fresh. It simply boosts our energy and disappears our tiredness. Coffee is loaded with alkaloids that will help to reduce fatigue and boredom. It makes your brain active and energies you. But too much caffeine is harmful to our body and causes inflammation. So also limit your caffeine intake.

Citrus foods

There are lots of foods listed in citrus food. The simple explanation of citrus food is that they have vitamin c which is enough for your body. And eventually it boosts your immune system. One study showed that the people who consume more vitamin c have less issues with tiredness and fatigue. Citrus foods will help to keep your energy level good.


Nuts are also considered a protein source, you can also watch the bodybuilder who still refers to eating nuts to fulfill protein needs. Nuts are a very good source of fatty acids. Which helps you to boost exercise endurance and increase blood flow in muscles. That means it simply helps you to boost your muscle strength and boost your exercise power.


We all know that everybody’s first choice for protein is chicken. Chicken has so many advantages in carbs, protein, energy. That all nutritions are very helpful for our muscle strength and recovery. Chicken can help you to increase or reduce weight. Chicken is allrounder food for all health benefits. Other protein sources are not helping you to fully fill your stomach but chicken can. Yes, there are other varieties in non-veg that can also help to fully fill your hunger but among all non-veg sources chicken is very easy to get. With respect to cost, availability and making procedures chicken would rank 1st.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate contains more caffeine than coffee and milk products chocolates. It will help you to improve your memory and help to make you fresh. The study shows that the people who eat dark chocolate before they exercise improve their strength and mood.

Green tea

Green tea is a better alternative for coffee and dark chocolate. Green tea boosts your metabolism, digestion system and reduces problems related to inflammation. Besides, green tea helps you to improve brain functions and energies your mood. If you are feeling tired before exercise you may have one cup of green tea 30 minutes before exercise. It can also help you to boost your exercise stamina.

Pop corn

If you love to eat snacks then your first choice must be pop corn, because this is only a snack which is beneficial for health. Pop corns are high in fiber that will help you to reduce weight and water fat drastically. These are very low calorie and high energy snacks. Other snacks contain high value of calories and we know our calories input and burning decide how much weight we lose or gain.


Soybeans are almost comparable with chicken. People are used to calling soybeans a vegetarian chicken. This is one of the best food choices to increase exercise stamina. It is not only high in protein but also minerals, fiber and vitamins. Soybeans can help you to boost your muscle strength and stamina for exercise.


Various kinds of seeds like chia seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds etc are very good sources of energy. It can help you to reduce fatigue with its fatty acids property. If you have questions, how could you utilise seeds? You can incorporate seeds in your breakfast or at dinner. It will help you to get a healthy meal every time.

Fatty fish

Fatty fish is very nutritious for our body. It has better quality of protein than any other non-veg choices. Fish contains almost all types of nutrition in it like micronutrients. If you get 200g of salmon fish you will have 142kcal energy, 20g of protein, and fatty acids. Fish is always a better choice to fully fill your nutrition needs with less amount of quantity. Salmon and tuna fish contain 4mg and 3 mg B12 vitamins, that is all enough to boost your energy and can help you to increase your exercise stamina. Besides fishes help you to improve your metabolism so that’s the plus point for your digestion system to digest your meal.


Bananas are a very popular choice for fitness freakers to eat everyday to complete its nutrition needs. Banana is the most easily available food among all nutrition foods. You can buy it anywhere and it’s very cost effective compared to other foods. A one banana contains 110kcal of energy, 30g carbohydrates, and 5g of fiber. And beside you will get 3-4 bananas for just only 10/-. We discussed above the nutrition values of one medium sized banana. So think how much nutrition you will get in just 10/-.


Oats is the ever best choice for your healthy breakfast routine. Oats have a very large amount of fiber and energy to keep you energetic. Oats can make you feel full of your stomach, no more hunger. Besides, one research showed that oats can help to manage glucose levels and help to reduce water fat from the body.


The all foods above we described are truly helpful to increase your exercise stamina with research based data. You May have started to eat all these foods and you can see the changes in your body energy, stamina and mood. There are lots of foods that can give you energy or boost stamina but we described the best among all of them. Always remember one thing just fulfilling protein needs is not the way to increase exercise stamina. Our body needs all nutrition, fiber, carbohydrates to work properly. And all the foods mentioned above contain all these nutrients.
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