Legs workout with dumbbells

Best Legs Workout With Dumbbells Only

Best workout for legs with only dumbbells

Do you want to develop your legs and you have only dumbbells at home? No worries, because we have some effective workout tips that you can practice with only dumbbells for your thighs.

Legs are very difficult and most painful muscle for every exercise lover. No one can express the pain during leg day, it will cause you to be in pain for next 2-3 days depends on your workout intensity.

It’s not possible for everyone to join gym and invest money, but they can have alternative of it. We have received so may request that provide exercise tips with only dumbbells. With this scenario we got to know there are lots of people who have dumbbells at home but they don’t have any idea how to use it.

Well biceps and triceps exercises are easy to perform any where, you can lift any stone or can create alternatives for it, but that doesn’t go same with legs. For legs workout you definitely need some guidance. It requires more energy and determination that other part workouts.

If you have dumbbells and looking for some legs workout then here are best and effective exercises that you can perform only with dumbbells. You can perform these all exercises with just dumbbells and will not need go to gym.

  1. Dumbbells squats
  2. Front lunge
  3. Dumbbells side squats
  4. Sumo squats
  5. Step up squats
  6. Regular lunge
  7. Calf
  8. Heels squats

Dumbbell squat

This is one of the best, easy and effective exercise for legs. In gym you can see people using bar weights for it. Here we just replaced bar with dumbbell. It’s same effective as bar squat, but need to balance here more than usual if you are beginner.

Keep your back straight and grip dumbbell tightly. You can perform it slow and fast according your best practice.

Front lunge

It’s not as normal or regular squat, you need to look this closely. Once you get down for lunge then during rising up, try to press your only one leg which plays front role. If your right leg is ahead of left leg then take whole weight on right leg during rising up.

Dumbbell side squat

For legs and butt for both body parts, it’s effective and easy as well. If you are a beginner then you need to practice for balancing.

At the first it may seems difficult and harder than rest of all legs workout but believe it, it’s really effective and helpful for leg strength. Take both dumbbells on shoulder and just go down at one side.

Once you should squat to right leg then leg and repeat this till you can.

Sumo squat

Almost everyone is aware of this exercise because of its name and form. This is looks like sumo standing position that’s why is calls sumo squat.

It’s very helpful for thighs and butt, women actually love exercise because it helps them to develop their butt.

Step up squat

It’s a next level exercise actually but because of its effectiveness we include it in this article. It’s not that tough as it looking. You just need to be familiar with this. Once you start this exercise you will used to be with it.

At gym there are benches to use to step up the one leg. But if you are doing it at home then you can use stool or anything that can make you to step up.


We can’t forget this exercise, it’s easy and effective as well then you should also do this. You just need to keep dumbbells with hands and step one leg ahead and go down.

Once you done with one leg you will need to switch the leg, remember in both stances your both legs always be in working mode. So keep it up with workout.


This is specially for only calf, in this exercise your calf will get in to work. If you want to you leg structure be attractive then focus on calf also. Strong calf will work as a base for your lower body.

Heels squat

Take a short heel below your feet, keep half on heel and keep half of ground. This is just like regular squats but heels make difference here.

Just minor change of heels changed its effects and difficulty. You can do this with dumbbells.


Only having dumbbells can help you to cover your whole body. You just need to learn some basic forms at the beginning. Once you get used to it, you can create your own forms as your experience.

So many people are skipping legs because it hurts a lot, but remember only notice you when you done something which so many people can’t. If you are afraiding of pain, no problem, you can have some exercises rather than skipping.

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