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Best Money Making Topics Or Niche To Start Blogging

You want to make money with blogging but don’t know which topic should you choose for it. This is almost 90% bloggers question in the beginning of this field blogging. We would like to introduce with some most demanding blogging topics in 2021.

If you are all aware of blogging and just want to know which topic should you adapt to carry one then you should go with your knowledge. As we discussed in our previous articles that you must choose niche which you can write about, without knowledge how can you write anything. In this case you will not able to run your blog more than 2 months.

However, if you have a plans and team with you to start a new blog then there are highly chances to drive blog successfully. As we know everyone want to start blog in field which can help them to earn money. It’s quite understandable that why would start blog without purpose of earning money.

So in this article we are let you know the best topics to choose for blogging to earn money.

1. Health and fitness

Health and fitness is the most profitable topic for blogging today. There is no competition for this topic but there are huge competition among the health bloggers. We can see people are becoming more and more aware with time, beside this pandemic made people to search on google queries about health.

When it comes to health no once can ignore the fitness. Fitness is ultimate part of health, we can’t ignore the fitness knowledge if anyone want to become healthy.

There are plenty of people who goes gym and exercising daily, you can give them a tips and idea about exercise. It’s not only about gym exercise but home exercise is also becoming more popular nowadays.

2. Finance guidance

This world is full of money and stock, everyone wants to just invest their money and want to earn more money with it. Few people are entering in this field and making huge money because only experienced one can give ideas about finance.

As you want to start blog for earning money they also want to invest money to earn more money. There are lots of people who can advice them but it’s not always trustable. With this niche or topic you can earn really good amount.

3. Lifestyle blogger

Lifestyle blogger doesn’t mean to show your lifestyle on it. There is no one who is really interested in our lifestyle. You can choose influencers for your blog.

You just need to keep updated influencer fans with their deeds and news. Fans are litillary mad to know everything about celebrities so you can start blog on each particular celebrity or can write all celebrities in this blog.

It’s so wondering that people are obsessing and mad to know what celebrities doing, what they are wearing, how they doing and all. So take an advantage of it and help your visitors to know about them.

4. Fashion

As long as this world exist the fashion trends will also exists in this world. There is no end to fashion world because everyone wants to look good and wanted to become more attractive.

Fashion blog is not only about clothing and perfumes, it included makeup tips and hacks also. We can see on internet people looking for how to make their hair black and silky, how to vax and all. You can start this blog also.

5. Foods and cooking

Taste became more important than food. No one want to eat healthy food if its taste awful, but everyone want to eat unhealthy food if it taste good or delicious. In day to day life we can see people are trying new recipes to taste something good and better.

You can give them cooking ideas and yes it’s not only about cooking ideas but you can give them easy ways to cook foods. If you are really creative with this one so don’t stop yourself and start blogging as early as you can.

6. Travel

As long as human exist they can’t stop themselves traveling across the world. This trend can help you to rank even faster on google because in this topic everyone have something new to share.

You can explore the world and share to the world once you let them know the place where have you visited then they will curious to know more about it. If you are passionate with travelling that means this niche is only mean for you.

7. Business and marketing

Marketing is the base of all business, there is no chance to reach your business to more people without marketing. These topics should come along because just starting business blog without and marketing ideas will no use.

In this world whatever product or company we are watching is just because of their marketing strategies. Everyone want to learn marketing to earn more money so this topic can really help you to reach wide audience in less period of time.

8. Technology

This world is changing drastically, the technologies we were using 10 years ago are now outdated and we are all keep updating with new technologies. There is no end to upgrading this world’s technologies.

Whatever equipments we are using right now will be updated in new form and even in better way, so this kind of blog can help to people to keep updated with new technologies. Remember mobile phones are also part of technologies whatever you are using now it’s all part of technology.

There are endless articles to write about technologies which can help you to earn money even faster. Don’t forget that your competitors are already been there.


These are the best topics which will have more demand in 2021. We have experienced lots of things in this world and can easily conclude that why will all these topics have more demand.

You can make your team and can start blogging on any topic you want. These all topics are ultimately money making topics. There is no doubt that this niches will make more money than usual blog niche.

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