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Bhagavad Gita On Grain Rice Written By Ramagiri Swarika

Ramagiri Swarika, A Hyderabad Women wrote holy scripture Bhagawad Gita on grain rice. She is micro artist and always proving her talent to the world.

The main thing to notice here, she didn’t use any microscope to write on it. She just simply wrote all the words with open eyes. She also does a milk art and carvings on paper, for now she has put full efforts to represent her talent to the world.

It had taken around 150 hours and 4042 rice grains to complete total artwork. In the past she wrote Preamble of the Constitution on hair strands and got priced she was felicitated by Telangana Governor.

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“After being recognized for my work on the national level, I am willing to take my artwork to international platforms,” she added.

“I have always had an interest in art and music and have received many awards since my childhood. I started doing micro art from the last four years with a drawing of Lord Ganesha on a rice grain, then the English alphabet on a single rice grain,” Ramagiri told ANI.

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She was awarded for first micro artist of India from Delhi Cultural Academy. That is the proud moment for Indians.

“I was awarded the International Order Book of records in 2017, and in 2019, I received a national award from the North Delhi Cultural Academy. Till now I have worked on 2000 plus micro arts,” Swarika said.

Swarika Ramagiri is law student and she said,”being a law student I wanted to become a judge and become inspiration for may women.”

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Swarika’s mother said, she has been interested in art and music, now I am very that my daughter get recognised to everyone.

Bitter words: 

So, now this is our own words and is nothing to do with above news, there are some people who didn’t recognise her yet. You may not appretiate her because she wrote a holy scripture not any song. Just let us know, how would be your reaction if she were written a song on rice grain. You might share that with your friends.

This is true art and we think it’s worth to share, don’t hesitate to share such a nice art. Your sharing will improve our country’s reputation. As you sharing some nonsense memes please show some love on real talent.

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