Bus Caught In Fire At Satara ST Stand Video

On 10th Feb at Satara ST stand bus suddenly get caught in fire. The situation near burning bus was so tense and fearful. It cost a lot to bus depot but fortunately none of any living being got hurt.

This incident happened at ST Stand Satara where most of the buses used to stop and park. The reason behind the fire is not yet known and investigation team is tracing the cause of fire.

Here we have brought some videos of burning buses. Reporters alleged that 6 buses were caught in the fire and fire was out of control, and fire brigade able to get control on fire at the right time.

The fire was spreading with it’s adjoin buses and that’s why it became a danger zone. The heat of that fire was sensible from long distance also and that’s why people around this incident was in danger zone. No one were aware that when would bus blast and get hurt people and that’s why workers were shifting people out of the incident place.

That wasn’t any fault of bus machine and all, later in investigation, police trace a guy who intentionally burn the bus. After asking his the reason, he didn’t give any specific reason yet to burn the bus. That was obvious that someone must have fire that bus because the intensity was to high and not were looking like natural fire.

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Here is the second video which can even show the fire and buses which caught in fire. People was shooting the buses and being careless for just a simple video.

Fortunately no one got injured in this incident and fire got in control in time. It cause 6 buses to get in fire and a lot of loss in bus property. At last be safe and help your friends to be safe.

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