CarryMinati join big boss 14

CarryMinati Joining Big Boss 14: Is It True Or Fake

Everybody was curious to know whether CarryMinati was going to join Bigg Boss 14 or not. People already considered him to be going to join Big Boss 14. Here we will tell you the truth and fake information.

Social media were spreading the message of CarryMinati that staying one hotel for 14 days and going to join Big Boss 14, but people were not even confirmed about whether he was at home or hotel but they were already confirming CarryMinati will join Big Boss 14, what is this nonsense.

The first news about his accommodation proved to be wrong, even though people were still believing that he would join BB 14? That doesn’t make any sense but shows only a poor mentality.

CarryMinati started getting hate on social media for just rumours. Those people who were abusing him will not even be sorry for their mistakes but no problem this is the truth of the world that everyone should bear.

After getting too much rumours about it, CarryMinati confirmed his joining of Big Boss 14. During his live streaming he stated that he is not going to join Big Boss 14, it’s just fake news or rumours. He even confirmed that he is not staying at any hotel.

So at the end it’s confirmed that CarryMinati is not going to join Big Boss 14.

Here is the tweet that proves CarryMinati not going to join Big Boss 14

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