Chest workout Resistance tube

Chest Workout With Resistance Tube

If you have a resistance tube and are looking for a chest workout then you are at the right place. We already covered some topics about using resistance tube bands for home workout. Now in this article we are going to learn some useful exercises for the chest with the help of a resistance tube. It’s all about you how to utilize it so we are here to make it […]

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back workout loop band

Back Workout With Loop Band At Home

Nowadays loop bands are very popular for exercises. you can perform even back workout with it. We have learn lots of loop band exercises. Now, it’s time for back workout. The main advantage of a loop band is you can carry it anywhere with ease and no need of special arrangements to exercise. You just simply know how to use a loop band for various exercises to target your particular […]

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Tips exercise workout beginners

Tips For Exercise or Workout Beginners

There is no doubts that workout can help you to become healthy and fit. There are so many people who trying to achieve their fitness and want to become healthy. But nowadays having healthy life is also a challenge to accomplish. You must have your body response experience to understand that how your body react with foods and exercise. So in this article we will cover some tips which can […]

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Only dumbbell workout plan

Workout Plan With Dumbbells

We designed this workout plan for those who are working out at home. Actually it’s very difficult or challenging to build muscle at home without any equipment and it’s too costly to buy gym equipment for home workout. Among all equipment dumbbells are very easy and more convenient for exercise. Dumbbell is a need for everyone, basically dumbbells are designed for make your exercise easy and convenient anywhere you go. […]

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Full body fat loss workout at home

20 Minute Full Body Fat Loss

You may don’t have a time for exercise to lose body fat, but you can give your 20 minutes for fat loss. As per our clients experiences we can understand to limitation time. In this article we are going to give you a plan which only needs your 20 minutes of day. Even you are a busy person but you can’t denied the availability of 20 minutes. And if you […]

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Pegan diet

What is pegan diet? How to do it?

Pegan diet, after knowing this name so many people have a question what it is and how to do it. So many people are not aware of pegan diet. We people only luring about diet who trends now, but there are lots of diets which we even don’t know. But do not bother about it. We will bring lots of diet with according to time, you just need to keep […]

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Lower back pain exercise

Lower back pain simple exercises

Lower back pain is one of the stubborn pain for every individual. There are lots of people who are facing this problem in every age. The people who exercise daily even facing pain with lower back. Because your all exercises need your back spine to lift the weight so in this case you also need to do exercises for your back pain. In this article we are introducing you with […]

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Legs butt exercises variations

Legs And Butt Exercises 8 Variation

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Amit Chavan (@amit_chavan.personaltrainer) on Jul 21, 2020 at 10:55pm PDT Legs are the base of our body we can’t even stand without it. we must know the legs and butt exercises without equipment and weights. If we think about legs then it would be incomplete body part, because our lower body part incorporates mainly legs and butt. If you want to […]

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Best foods to increase exercise stamina

Best foods to increase exercise stamina you feel low energy throughout the day? Do you want to increase your exercise stamina Going to work with full potential and not able to put at your work? Are you feeling tired so quickly?This is not only because of your mood but your eating routine is also important. Even if you are eating very good food or having a healthy breakfast, the more important thing is what you […]

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Reduce arm fat

How To Reduce Arm Fat At Home

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Amit Chavan (@amit_chavan.personaltrainer) on Jul 18, 2020 at 1:08am PDT Arm fat is one of the stubborn fat in our body. As we know losing fat is a task to do but it even gets hard when you want to lose fat at a specific point of your body. Belly fat and arm fat promote more area in our body. We […]

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