Ramagiri Swarika bhagavad gita on rice 10

Bhagavad Gita On Grain Rice Written By Ramagiri Swarika

Ramagiri Swarika, A Hyderabad Women wrote holy scripture Bhagawad Gita on grain rice. She is micro artist and always proving her talent to the world. The main thing to notice here, she didn’t use any microscope to write on it. She just simply wrote all the words with open eyes. She also does a milk art and carvings on paper, for now she has put full efforts to represent her […]

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Pizza delivery to outer space 9

Pizza Delivery To Outer Space By Pizza Hut With Photos

It may seems impossible but it’s true that pizza hut delivered pizza to the outer space. Most horrifying thing is that it’s not recent news, it’s happened in 2001. Pizza hut becomes first company to delivered pizza to outer space. This might sound quite weird but it’s true and one kind of publicity stunt. But thanks to pizza hut to full filled delivery to respected customer. It was not easy […]

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68 year old women 2200 km cycling

2200 KM Cycling Done By 68 Years Old Women From Maharashtra

68 years old women cycling for 2200 km to visit Vaishno Devi. We are living in the generation where youth is busy with pubg and old people are making records. This is so hilarious and shame moment for Indian youth to waste time on IPL and useless entertainment. Her journey video is going viral on social media that women is started her journey from Khamgaon to Jammu Kashmir. Now people […]

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The Most Dangerous Bus U Turn Is Real Or Fake

You may have seen lots of bus driving skills but this bus u turn will make you to be like “kidney me heart attack aa jayega”. This is the most insane bus u turn you will ever have seen. We all know that the problems of narrow roads. If road would be narrow it might put you under driving restriction. You can’t overtake vehicles and can’t take u turn in […]

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Nach meri Rani rani guru randhawa nora fatehi 2

Nach Meri Rani Guru Randhawa And Nora Fatehi Song

Guru Randhawa launched new song featured with Nora Fatehi. The song was awesome and Nora Fatehi dance lift this song to another level. As we know that Guru Randhawa is world wide famous singer who always create new theme songs. Today Guru Randhawa’s song nach meri rani rani song is released on YouTube and it’s getting very good response by viewers. This is one of the best sci-fi song and […]

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Best mobile deals of the day

Best Mobile Deals Of The Day

Best deals of the day for Mobile Phones. Here you can find the best mobile deals to buy. We fetched some of the mobile best mobile phone deals for you. We hope we can possibly help yo to save your time. We will updating you with latest deals and offers. Happy shopping. Samsung Galaxy M31 (Space Black, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage) Quad Camera Setup – 64MP (F1.8) Main Camera +8MP […]

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Pakistani women killed husband and cooked him

Pakistani Women Killed Her Husband To Save Her Daughter And Cooked Him: Real Women Empowerment

When it comes to your daughter you would have done the same. Pakistani women killed her second husband and cut him in to pieces and cooked him. After reading this news you may feel guilt and bad for her husband but she did right thing otherwise her daughter will get raped. This incident is happened in 2011 but we can understand why this news getting attentions of people now. Nowadays […]

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jalagamparai tamilnadu waterfall accident women died

Women Died At Waterfall While Enjoying at Jalagamparai Waterfall Tamilnadu

Guys this is not a news but also awareness message for everyone. We just want you to make aware and mandatory safety while you playing or enjoying yourself. Life is so precious, even this precious word is not enough to define the life. The reason of death was so futile and not worthy to notice but it took life of one human being. After this incident we want you to […]

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China not showing arunachal pradesh weather

China Slams India With Help Of Xiaomi Weather App

Tension is keep rising between India and China but and now China slaps India with incredible strategy. China removed all the weather location of Arunachal Pradesh in Xiaomi weather app. Users of Xiaomi mobile phones have an issue with Arunachal Pradesh location. After facing this issues users of Xiaomi sends the request to Xiaomi developers. But China has given the reason behind these all matter. China said we don’t consider […]

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Grandmother toddler baby and save alcohol

Alcohol Is More Important Than Toddler Baby Funny Viral Video

The video has gone viral on social media, that showed old women choose to save fizz over toddler baby. That was so funny, people are making memes and jokes of it. In this video women have great time with baby and trying to fill her glass with fizz. She over hand the glass to baby but bay was nit able to hold it tightly and about spill it. Some how […]

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