Dmoney closed

Dmoney UK Company Closed And Not Working Anymore

A few months ago company started called but it’s not working and closed permanently. The plan was simple and fascinating that’s why so many people were invested money in this plan. As per the information registered user have to pay just 1000/- and illegible to receive 50/- per day. We are not sure but may be this 50/- cycle is valid for 120 days means 4 months. To withdraw […]

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Bus Caught In Fire At Satara ST Stand Video

On 10th Feb at Satara ST stand bus suddenly get caught in fire. The situation near burning bus was so tense and fearful. It cost a lot to bus depot but fortunately none of any living being got hurt. This incident happened at ST Stand Satara where most of the buses used to stop and park. The reason behind the fire is not yet known and investigation team is tracing […]

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signal app vs whatsapp

Signal Private Messenger App Vs WhatsApp Messenger

If you are using WhatsApp and Signal app too then you probably have few questions about their differences. What makes them different to each other, and what benefits you will have with signal app? People didn’t have mirror alternative for WhatsApp yet but signal messenger app became a rival to it. There are also a few messengers apps competitors for WhatsApp but no one was matching it. Now WhatsApp co-founder […]

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Osm registration new joining

How To Join New Member In OSM Software Solutions | New Joining

If you are a member or want to join new member in OSM software solutions formerly known as Osmose Technology then read this full article with close attention. In this post we will explain you how can you become member of OSM software solution in easy way. If you don’t have any idea about OSM software solution then you should ask to your seniors they can explain you very well. […]

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How to use signal messenger app

How to use signal messenger app?

If you are planning to install Signal messenger app or new user of it then here are the things you must know. We covered all the basic features of signal app user which everyone would have to use. A few days ago WhatsApp changed its policy and terms conditions, taking the advantage of it signal messenger app jumped into market. Now the question arises here, how signal app is different […]

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OSM task login

OSM Task Login Page | How To Complete Task In OSM Software Solutions

OSM Task OSM Home OSM Login If you are a member of OSM software solutions, former Osmose Technology, and didn’t know how to complete task then here we have explained the full procedure to complete tasks. When from Osmose Technology changed in to OSM, members are quit confuse to open their login page and wallet. So many users are not aware how to complete the Task in new OSM website. […]

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Happy birthday regina cassandra

Happy Birthday Regina Cassandra | Gorgeous Actress

Wish you many many returns of the day Regina Cassandra. Today is the birthday day of South movie actress featured in Evaru, Seven, Saravanan Irukka Bayamaen, Shourya, and a lot more. Regina Cassandra is on of the most acclaimed actress in South India movie, she has proved her talent with lots of movies. There is no doubt that she is beautiful and winning millions of fans hearts. In her special […]

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Firestick game with private part accident china

Man Plays Fire With His Private Part And Burn His | Watch Video

A man was showing fire show on stage, he was stabbing firestick to his private part and accidently his trick got revealed. The situation was somewhat in control but later on became deteriorate. There are lots of fire shows plays in China and they are well famous also. Here we have got one video that will shock you and may be make you to laugh. In the both cases video […]

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7 year old girl lift 80 kg Rory Van Ulft strongest youngest girl canada

7 Year Old Girl Lifts 80 Kg Weight | Rory Van Ulft

How can just 7 year old girl lifts 80 kg weight and declared as a world strongest 7 year girl. Besides she can squat with 61 kg and chest press with 25 kg. Rory is 7 year old and started gymnastic after her 5th birthday. A few weeks ago she won the weightlifting championship under 11 age and 13 age year quota. She has became the most youngest US youth […]

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Kite carried boy and fell down indonesia

Kite Carried Boy 30 Feet Video fell down In Indonesia

Kite carried a boy off the ground and fell down from about 40 feet. The boy lifted in the air and felt down in crowd. This shocking incident shot on camera. 12 years boy participated in the kite function held by the school organisation. At the first everyone were playing and watching the happiest atmosphere. But later one child who is 12 years old carried his giant kite to play […]

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