Car burning ajinkya colony satara

Car Burn In Ajinkya Colony RTO Chowk Satara

Car suddenly get started to burn at Ajinkya colony in Satara around 3:00 in the afternoon. The reason behind this fire is still unrevealed. This incident got the attention of native people around it. People started to frighten after car caught in fire. Although fire was not that intense but it definitely cause the fear in people. The car started to burn suddenly and cab be blast anytime, people around […]

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Warje bridge truck accident burning blast pune

Warje Bridge Pune Truck Accident Video Burning Blast

Truck burnt and blast on Warje bridge in Pune. This incident happened on Saturday evening and cause almost 45 minute traffic on highway. Yesterday, truck caught in fire and blast, this all incident is recorded by the natives. The reason behind this accident is not yet revealed but very soon it would be found. From the resources this truck was burning for at least 40 minutes and fortunately no any […]

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Bat paper plane

How To Make Bat Paper Plane Step By Step Images

If you are looking for bat paper plane step by step with images then you already here at right place. Here we explained how can you make it in easy way. It called bat because it’s absolutely looks like a bat. Once you finish all the steps or you can see the main feature images. This is very attractive and you can give any desire color you want. If you […]

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Dmoney registration new member joining

Dmoney Uk Login And Registration Joining New Member

If you are a member of Dmoney and want to register or joining new member then you should follow this steps. In this article we are going to tell you how can you register new account in Dmoney. We can conclude that you already aware of plan and how can you earn money with Dmoney plan. If you don’t know yet then contact your senior to know the plan in […]

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Time travel possible or not how why

Is Time Travel Possible Or Not How And Why

Everyone is curious to know about time travel if it exist or possible then how can we travel to time. You may have read lots of questions and theories related to time travel but you never got your definite answer. In this article we will show you how time travel possible and not. To know the answer of this question you must have some background knowledge about it. There are […]

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Free web series

Where Can I watch Web Series For Free

If you love to watch web series so this article is for you. In this article we are gonna let you know where can you find the alternative way to watch web series without paying any cost. Back the day comics and movies were most likely to watched by audience, but it’s in human nature to always find something new for entertainment. As per the human nature it’s the time […]

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Whats wrong strike with Youtute

Whats Wrong With YouTube: Partiality By YouTube Also

YouTube is not anymore platform for freedom of speech. You can only make videos which YouTube wants by you to make. If you raise your voice for justice against mob of injustice, then you don’t have a rights to raise your voice against injustice. There are lots of videos being deleted and removed by YouTube nowadays. As per our experience YouTube makes justice with number of supporters. There is nothing […]

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Crocodile attacked on man video

Crocodile Attacked On Man: Death Was Just Few Seconds Ahead

The man was attacked by crocodile, he saved by grace of god. It’s really a serious issue if animals like crocodile started to get in human areas. One crocodile was found alive in rivulet and they were summon rescue team to take care of it. Although this rivulet was dry so it was little bit easy for rescue team to took control over crocodile. Just one question arose here is […]

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Why countries jealous of China

Why Countries Jealous Of China Here Are Few Reasons

Why other nations are jealous of China? Is the coronavirus reason behind it or of because of development of China? As we know other nations were hating China before coronavirus that means coronavirus is just eyewash to get reason to hate openly. It’s obvious that how could anyone hate China without any reasons so now they are taking the advantage of coronavirus to defaming china but remember all nations have […]

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Two man fighting on sidewalk with Mortal Kombat music 2

Two Man Fighting Seriously On Sidewalk Got Recorded By Mobile

Two man were fighting on sidewalk someone recorded their fight and posted it on social media. This fight was actually damn serious but black dressed man just hitted him some punches and kicks and left the place. This fight was serious but someone put mortal kombat fighting game music behind it and it seems funny now. All the beats and movements are matching very well and nice. The guy without […]

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