Men died to save deer in middle of highway 2

Four Men Died In Middle Of The Highway During Trying To Save Deers Video

It’s very unfortunate to die during saving someone else, but what would we expect if it’s all caused because of self mistake. The accident caught in camera and we can clearly see how did it happen. It is actually good news for deer family but it’s very very bad news for relatives of succumbed. It’s not about who is responsible for this mass death but everyone contributed for it. If […]

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Man died train hit prank wrong

Man Hit By Train And Died For No Reason Self Mistake

Man died while he was prank with train and trying to perform some useless stunt. There is only 1% of chances for accidents to happen, you know why? Here is the reason you can easily understand it. We really don’t know who are they and what are they trying to prove but that looks very useless and meaningless. We don’t want to disclose their name because, it should be considered […]

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KYC bank withdraw money transfer in osmose technology

Osmose Technology KYC, Wallet Balance, Bank Withdrawal or Fund Transfer Guide

Trick to withdraw your money from osmose technology right now. जैसा हम सभी जानते है की osmose में फ़िलहाल कोई पैसे नहीं निकाल पा रहा. इसलिए हमने यहाँ आपको एक उपाय बताया है इसे एक बार जरूर करके देखना. हमें osmose में कुछ task दिए जाते थे ऐसे ही अब पैसे निकालने के लिए भी कुछ task होंगे. अब task पहले की तरह मुश्किल नहीं है बल्कि आपको बस इस […]

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Osmose technology login and new registration 2

Osmose Technology Login And New Registration Steps

New Registration या फिर New Joining कैसे करे. How to join new member in Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd. If you want to join Osmose Technology and not aware of how to join, then this article will help you. In this article we provided full guidelines to with step by step and even in video form. If you are not understanding the steps you can watch the video at below of […]

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Laxmii movie review by Taran Adarsh

Laxmii Movie Review : Waste Of Time Just Go Watch Kanchana

Laxmii movie reviews by audience and Taran Adarsh.The most awaiting movie has been released on 9 November at 7:02PM. As Though it was most awaiting movie for Akshay Kumar sir fans so everyone was waiting for it. Laxmii movie had been lots of trouble before get releasing but at the end movie is enough worth to watch. Even though people are boycotting this movie audience was excited to watch this […]

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Girl climbed on hoarding flex

Girl Climbed On Hoarding Board To Convince Lover To Marry In Indore

Minor girl in Indore climbed up on the hoarding flex to just convince lover to marry with her. It’s manifestly sign of immaturity level. We are in the phase where women are being mad for just imaginary love. She showed off her all madness against her own mother, what a shame after all. Obviously there are lots of ways to demanding your wish to your mother. But no, we are […]

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Leather bag

Your Fucking Fashion Trends, Cause Animal To Survive Without Flesh

As increasing the number of people who just want to show off their status to the world, the more animal will get slaughter for it. We think we should slaughter human for their own fashion because animals are not part of your fashion trends. In any case, behind the calfskin pack is the vanishing of countless lives. 80 years of age is the typical life expectancy of a crocodile. The […]

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Nizamul Khan kill girlfriend brother

Nizamul Khan Killed His Girlfriend’s Brother

A famous YouTuber Nizamul Khan killed his girlfriend’s brother. No one ever thought that a YouTuber with massive 9 lakh subscribers could do such a horrendous crime. YouTuber with more than 9 lakh endorsers of his channel has been captured for purportedly killing his girlfriend’s brother who contradicted to their relationship. The person in question, Kamal Sharma, an occupant of Nithari, was shot dead on October 28 while he was […]

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Laxmmi bomb name changed to Laxmii

Laxmmi Bomb Changed Name To Laxmii | Power Of Unity

Akshay Kumar’s Laxmmi Bomb movie name changed in to “Laxmii”. Bollywood always tries to brainwash Indian people with their movies, but now it’s no longer effective. After realising that Indians are not taking religious sentiments lightly, movie creators finally took decision to change name. Otherwise filmmakers know what will happen to this movie, because they already seen the huge negative response on “Burj Khalifa” song. After death of SSR, bollywood […]

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Baba Ka Dhaba files a case

Baba Ka Dhaba Files Case Against YouTuber

Baba Ka Dhaba files case against YouTuber who used his name to scam for money. A few days ago Baba had received a cheque of around 2.5 lac rupees, but this figure get donated make people to doubt about total donation amount. Few days ago Gaurav Wasan had shared video of Baba Ka Dhaba and it gone viral on social media. The main motive behind that video was to help […]

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