Bricks triceps workout

Triceps Workout With Bricks

We know that having dumbbells with everyone is not possible so that’s why we found it’s best alternative is brick. We have already studied different workouts with only use of bricks. If you haven’t watched them then you should watch them also. Utilizing bricks for your muscles is an art because it totally depends on your own creativity. We have explained some of the triceps exercises and how we can […]

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intense abs workout at home

Intense Abs Workout At Home

Abs is the sign of your fitness and physical strength. Intense abs workout is the fastest way to get abs. We can see that people having abs get more likes and attention from people. Because everyone knows that getting abs is damn hard. There are lots of people who are fighting with their belly fat to reduce that situation. Looking over some people who have abs makes them wonder. It’s […]

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Armpit fat exercises

Simple Exercises To Lose Armpit Fat

When we started to gain fat it’s obvious to gain armpit fat. There are lots of people who want to get rid of armpit fat. If you think about it, it seems to be futile problem but you must know your armpit fat is nothing but your indication of unhealthy fat. If you have a belly fat you can reduce it with different exercises but when you get armpit fat […]

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Chest workout Resistance tube

Chest Workout With Resistance Tube

If you have a resistance tube and are looking for a chest workout then you are at the right place. We already covered some topics about using resistance tube bands for home workout. Now in this article we are going to learn some useful exercises for the chest with the help of a resistance tube. It’s all about you how to utilize it so we are here to make it […]

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back workout loop band

Back Workout With Loop Band

Nowadays loop bands are very popular for exercises. you can perform even back workout with it. We have learn lots of loop band exercises. Now, it’s time for back workout. The main advantage of a loop band is you can carry it anywhere with ease and no need of special arrangements to exercise. You just simply know how to use a loop band for various exercises to target your particular […]

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Only dumbbell workout plan

Workout Plan With Dumbbells

We designed this workout plan for those who are working out at home. Actually it’s very difficult or challenging to build muscle at home without any equipment and it’s too costly to buy gym equipment for home workout. Among all equipment dumbbells are very easy and more convenient for exercise. Dumbbell is a need for everyone, basically dumbbells are designed for make your exercise easy and convenient anywhere you go. […]

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Full body fat loss workout at home

20 Minute Full Body Fat Loss

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Health Fitness Diet (@amit_chavan.personaltrainer) on Jul 26, 2020 at 12:39am PDT Full body fat loss workout at home is an task for so many people. It’s obvious question for everyone how would choose the exercise for lose the fat. As we see people are living in hasting life they said don’t have time for exercise. In this article we are giving […]

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Lower back pain exercise

Lower back pain simple exercises

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Amit Chavan (@amit_chavan.personaltrainer) on Jul 24, 2020 at 1:43am PDT Knee to chest As we always say that your flexibility is the key to reduce your lower back pain. Chest to knee is in of the best exercise to get rid of back pain. It includes back with your legs stretching that can prevent you from cramps. If you can move […]

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Legs butt exercises variations

Legs and butt exercises 8 variation

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Amit Chavan (@amit_chavan.personaltrainer) on Jul 21, 2020 at 10:55pm PDT Legs are the base of our body we can’t even stand without it. we must know the legs and butt exercises without equipment and weights. If we think about legs then it would be incomplete body part, because our lower body part incorporates mainly legs and butt. If you want to […]

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Exercise lose belly fat

Best 7 exercises to lose belly fat at home

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Amit Chavan (@amit_chavan.personaltrainer) on Jul 19, 2020 at 12:50am PDT Belly fat is very stubborn to lose. Everyone wants to lose belly fat, here are the some best exercise that you can do at home. The best point is that you don’t need any equipment or weights to perform abs workout. We are about see the various types of belly fat […]

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