Chest workout Resistance tube

Chest Workout With Resistance Tube

If you have a resistance tube and are looking for a chest workout then you are at the right place. We already covered some topics about using resistance tube bands for home workout. Now in this article we are going to learn some useful exercises for the chest with the help of a resistance tube. It’s all about you how to utilize it so we are here to make it easy for you.
This exercise is the same as floor chest press with dumbbells but we are gonna perform it with a resistance tube. I had tried this but one or I have got during exercise that it’s low resistance. When you try this exercise you will feel very low pressure to push in this case it will not gonna help you. So we found the best alternative trick for it. You need to knot your tube in its middle.
  • Knot your resistance tube at center point
  • Keep it on the floor where you will do chest press
  • Now grab your resistance tube handle
  • Push it and have a chest press exercise
Low cable crossover is a very effective exercise to develop or pump your chest. Thanks to the resistance tube, we can effectively perform the same exercise as with cable. At first it was so difficult to perform this workout but we found the best alternative for it. If you are going to do this exercise in standing position your resistance tube will not stretch that much. We have an idea for it, you need to perform this exercise on your both knees. Keep your resistance tube below your both knees and then try to push it up.
  • After you put resistance tube and get in a posture
  • Raise your both hands in up direction with keeping your both hand perpendicular to your body
  • Release pressure and to initial position
We usually do this exercise on the bench with dumbbells. This is an easy and effective workout to stretch your chest. We are going to perform this exercise on the floor because we didn’t use any bench in this article. We need something to hook up our resistance tube in. Find something over your head to hook it up and maintain some distance between you and the resistance band that you will feel some pressure while performing exercise. Now let’s try these steps.
  • Hooked your resistance tube with help of some object
  • Lie down on the floor and keep the pressurized distance between you and tube
  • After you get in the position hold both handles of resistance tube and try to push it down to your body
  • Remember don’t fold your elbows too much that will not let feel the pressure
  • Push tube handles till it reached to your chest and go back to initial position
In this exercise we need to close up our hands to each other. It is somehow like a namaskara gesture. Keep your resistance tube on the floor and get lied to. Now grip its handles and get your hands close to each other and try to push it while keeping your hands remaining in a namaskara gesture.
  • Knot resistance tube and keep it on floor
  • Lied down on it, hold them tightly and close your hand
  • Now push it hard like chest press and release it
We know this exercise very well and it will help you to carve your chest edge at the it’s centre. This exercise will decide your chest in equal portions. Here is only one change: we don’t use a bench so we will do it on the floor. So let’s go,
  • After grabbing handles of tube raise your hand to its maximum level
  • Now spread your both hands to your side slowly
  • Don’t let your elbows bent too much
  • You will continuously in pressure on your hand
  • Raise your hand in front of your chest with keeping your elbows straight and hands perpendicular to your body
  • Repeat it’s 10-12 reps
Regular dips are always in variations of chest workout. There is always a way to perform dips with or without equipment. Here we can use a resistance tube as a weight to do dips. Tube resistance will help you to make it hard for your every next reps of dips.
  • Hold the handles of tube and over your back with resistance tube
  • Resistance tube know must be at your back and now get in dips position
  • Now raise your chest and look if it make you to perform hard or not
  • If yes go ahead, if no then make another knot
Standing deck fly is the same as floor fly. The only difference is that we will do it in standing position. You need to find something at your back to hook up your band. Remember to hook it up tightly, don’t let it slip.
  • Get in your position and grab your tubes both handle
  • Now, close your hands slowly and release it slowly again
  • For every repetition you need to make more difficult to push or close your hands
If you are familiar with machine chest presses then you can do it very easily, it’s the same as machine chest press and we are performing home workouts. That means we need to use a resistance tube as a rope chest press. You just need to hook it up tightly as said early. Once your setup is ready you can perform it.
  • Get it the position, you both bands are in level with your chest
  • Now press or push handles slowly and release pressure slowly again
  • Repeat it’s at least 10-12 times


We have learned the various ways to use resistance tube for chest workout if you are looking for more exercise forms then no worries we will keep posting informative articles that will intend to help you. All the exercises mentioned above are really helpful and even help to grow your chest. You just need to maintain proper stance and adjustments of resistance weight. If you are feeling difficult to perform it no problem it can be hard at the start but at the end it will all be easy.

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