China not showing arunachal pradesh weather

China Slams India With Help Of Xiaomi Weather App

Tension is keep rising between India and China but and now China slaps India with incredible strategy. China removed all the weather location of Arunachal Pradesh in Xiaomi weather app.

Users of Xiaomi mobile phones have an issue with Arunachal Pradesh location. After facing this issues users of Xiaomi sends the request to Xiaomi developers. But China has given the reason behind these all matter. China said we don’t consider Arunachal Pradesh as a part of India so we don’t show it on India weather report. But they also said that it’s a glitch and technical issue.

This issue get noticed after some of the users put their problems on social media. This is nothing but insult of India so it caught people attention very quickly. China already give the orders to his troop to ready for war. It’s a simply indication that China threatening India for occupied space. 

After the long time discussion between India and China the issues are still there. It was hoping that issues will get solved with discussion but now pictures are turning in unusual ways.

So this can be the answer of China for on running issues between India and China. After few hours of issue, China answered it with the glitch technical issue with the app. We don’t know either it this technical issue or answer of China to India on current affairs.

If this is not a technical issue then it’s a complete threat or response of China on land issue.

Here are some tweets that make this issue trending on social media

Even though, this is a glitch or threat but Xiaomi is number 1 brand in India. Xiaomi mobile phones are very affordable with your desired specification. We hope they will solve their problem and include Arunachal Pradesh in their weather report app.

India don’t have any option with Xiaomi mobile phones, even if you hate Xiaomi there is not single company that provide cost effective phones for middle class people. We respect their service but we hope they will complete users need as they complete with specifications.

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