Composition of matter quiz test

Composition Of Matter Quiz Test Standard 8 Science

In this quiz we will conduct the composition of matter quiz test of 8 standard. This quiz test include short and quick revision of composition matter and all the basic concepts included in this lesson. We hope that you will solve all the question and get 100 % score, try your best and give challenge to your friends.

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Composition Of Matter Quiz Standard 8

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Lesson no. 6: Composition Of Matter

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Find odd term given below:

Carbon, sodium, potassium, hydrogen

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Part of matter having uniform composition is called____ .

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Which of following is not inorganic compound?

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Which element has both property of non-metal and metals is called?

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Which of the following physical state of matter have rigid/plastic/elastic property?

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Component of solution which is present in largest proportion is called____

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Heterogeneous mixture of liquid and solid is called____

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Which compound indicates molecular formula H2O?

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What are states of matter?

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Water, mercury and bromine are similar to each other, because three are____

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Solid retain their volume even when external pressure is applied this property is called____

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Choose the odd one

Milk, lemon juice, carbon, steel

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Which of following is not homogeneous mixture?

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What are the types of matter?

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Anything around us that have mass and occupy space is called____

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