Crocodile attacked on man video

Crocodile Attacked On Man: Death Was Just Few Seconds Ahead

The man was attacked by crocodile, he saved by grace of god. It’s really a serious issue if animals like crocodile started to get in human areas. One crocodile was found alive in rivulet and they were summon rescue team to take care of it.

Although this rivulet was dry so it was little bit easy for rescue team to took control over crocodile. Just one question arose here is that why rescue team sent old man to handle this dangerous situation.

Rescue team sent one man to take control on crocodile and he threw the cloth on crocodile’s eyes and then stood over him. He was slowly slowly getting to grab the crocodile but at the moment crocodile snatch his head and removed the cloth off his eyes. The man fell down and crocodile tried to grab his hand but fortunately only his shirt get catched and then somehow man was able to save himself.

Here is the video of above explanation, will help you to know the whole explanation.

This is not seriously a part of joke but not everyone is lucky as that guy. Somehow he saved from this dangerous situation. If you have read this article then send to everyone to worn them to not take this kind of situations lightly.

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