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Dmoney UK Company Closed And Not Working Anymore

A few months ago company started called but it’s not working and closed permanently. The plan was simple and fascinating that’s why so many people were invested money in this plan.

As per the information registered user have to pay just 1000/- and illegible to receive 50/- per day. We are not sure but may be this 50/- cycle is valid for 120 days means 4 months. To withdraw your earned money you have to join at least one member under you.

Company was running quite well business but don’t know why suddenly this company get closed with hope of thousands of people. SO may people wanted to invest money with this plan but now it’s not possible due to loss of this company.

Actually this plan was stolen from OSM Software Solutions and providing double profit than OSM. As we knew that OSM provide some task to complete and then members were receiving money. In Dmoney UK there wasn’t any task but only join one member under you.

The reason behind the closing of the company is not clear yet but it’s defiantly get closed and not working anymore. Here is the homepage link of Dmoney.UK which is not responding.


You click above link and can check this link is not working and redirect to this site can’t reach page. So we don’t have more information of it but only informing you that this is permanently closed and no use of hoping to start.

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