Six pack abs workout at home

Easy Six Pack Abs Workout At Home Without Equipments

How to have six pack abs at home without any equipment

Six pack abs are trending all over the world, you can develop abs at home with this simple exercises. It’s not important how much hard you try but the way you exercising.

Always remember only hard work is not enough to make fit and attractive body, the time has been changed. Now it’s mostly depends on your mind and strategies. We can show you lots of people who are still struggling for six pack abs but they haven’t noticed the mistakes they are doing.

Our main focus is on structure and perfection, because with perfection you can get results faster than ever. It’s obvious that you need to work hard but in proper way as well.

You might be questioning why we are talking this much about theories. Yes, we are because to understand the importance of perfection you must know all this. So, now lets come to abs. You want to make six pack abs as other fitness lovers does.

If you ready for working hard then you will get result early, but if you are not ready for working hard in this case you will get results but it will take time. You need to sacrifice time for easy way. There is no easy way but there are easy exercises which we can show you.

You don’t have a need of any equipment for it, these all exercises specially developed for home workout lovers. It’s not mandatory to join a gym for just six pack abs. But yes, it’s true that you will get better result at gym than home.

  1. Leg raises
  2. Half crunches
  3. Alternate leg lift
  4. Bicycle
  5. Elbow knee crunches
  6. Rock climber
  7. Elbow to knee plank

This is the list of 7 abs exercises that you can perform at home with ease. Now we will explain each and every to you.

Leg raises

It also called leg lifts, no matter what people calls it but don’t skip this exercise. This is very effective and easy of all six abs exercises. You just need to sleep on your back. Then make close contact between your legs and lift is slightly.

Now it’s up to you how fast and slow should you lift. If you don’t feel any difficulty then we recommend you to go slow.

Half crunches

As name it means to raise your body half away from the ground. This is also simple but little bit hard than leg raises. In this exercise your body would struggle to lift your chest and that will apply pressure on abs.

Sleep on the back, fold your both knees. Now touch your both palm behind your head. Now try to raise your chest to make contact with knees.

Alternate leg lift

Maybe appeared as leg raises but no, it’s totally different one. Your only one leg would be up or raises at a time. One leg should be down and other one should be up.

Now, get sleep on the floor. Raise only one leg up and keep your one leg down. Later get down your leg slowly and at that same moment raise your other leg up. This process should be simultaneous with each other in opposite way.


You definitely had ride the cycle, if yes, then you will find it easy otherwise may have some difficulties at the beginning. This is same phenomenon as we ride cycle but here we are riding cycle in sleeping position.

Get sleep on the floor, touch your both hand behind your head. Now ride the cycle in horizontal to ground. Try to touch your right hand elbow to your left leg knee then do same with rest hand and leg.

Elbow knee crunches

Helps to develop side abs. In this exercise you need to tilt your body, the more you tilt will greater the effect. But yes, there are limitation to tilt your body don’t do it over with over excitement.

Sleep on the floor, keep your one foot on knee of opposite leg. If you kept left foot on right knee then your right hand should behind your head. Now raise your head and try to touch your right elbow to left knee.

Rock climber

Have you ever been to rock climbing? If yes, then you would like it and if no, you will like it as well. This is energy consuming exercise in all among these exercises. This is as jut like rock climbing without any rock.

Although we are not on real rock then use your ground as a rock. Get your head down side the earth. Take support of your hand and make posture like camel. Once you get in posture then run steadily with keeping your position.

Elbow to knee plank

Not as ordinary planks, planks are difficult because you need to keep your position maintain. In this exercise you can move your body and that make it simple than regular planks.

We just modified regular planks with some movements. Keep on your elbows and feet on the ground. Now try to cross touch, means your left leg knee to right elbow. Then right knee to left elbow.


All exercises are just matter of experience, if your are at the initial phase, you may find minor difficulties but these exercises are more easier than regular one. Besides you don’t have any equipment for this. Wherever you go these exercises will be with you.

If you want to increase the speed of exercises and in some cases you may want to slow the speed. You can do it, actually it’s all depends on your stamina. Ages between 20-40 can do these all abs workout at home.

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