Bigger strong arms

Exercises For Bigger And Strong Arms

How to increase size of arms? Bigger arms means bigger strength and impression. If you are regularly exercising and lifting weights then your arms muscles get activate.

Most people judge your strength by only your arms. There is no doubt that having bigger arms is very attractive nowadays. Your arm is nothing but your strength.

It’s all about the part you are using regularly, if you stop working then your muscles will get loose.

Even though you have a very nice chest and upper body, it will not suit you until you have a good size of arms. It does really matter because you need to use your arms all day. So we can’t ignore our arms by any chance.

Why are bigger arms important?

Just think that you have good body personality but only your disadvantage is your smaller arms. Then you can imagine how it would feel, because your every body part must be tuned with other parts.

Your shoulder, chest, biceps, etc should be in the right proportion. You should not not only focus on a single muscle part. Fitness is not just increasing body muscles. It’s all about how you get fit in your body.

If you have weak arms then you can’t possibly lift weights at your full potential. Even if you try to lift a much greater weight than your capacity then you may get hurt or break your arm bones.

Your body balance is a damn serious issue because most of the people only focus on showing off muscles and unfortunately forget arm muscles. There is a single day for every muscle but what about arms.

You don’t need to give your full single day for it, after exercise you can perform 2-3 sets of arms exercises.

Arms exercises

There are plenty of exercises for arms. The only matter is now, how much priority you are giving to your arm development. This is not even difficult to perform any of the arm exercises but what can you do until you are not giving importance to it.

  1. Arms rotation
  2. In the air bar twisting
  3. Biceps curl twisting
  4. Arms twisting
  5. Back barbell arm twisting
  6. Standing chest press repetitions
  7. Biceps curl and reverse slow down
  8. On table wrist twisting
  9. On table reverse wrist twisting

Here are some best effective arms exercises you can do at home. If you want to do it all in the gym with machines then you should find the way of utilising it. All exercises we mentioned below can be performed with gym machinery also.

Arms rotation

This exercise is very easy and effective for developing your arms. You can do it while standing in the seating position. Here just only need to have two dumbbells for it.

Arms rotation exercise will target your arm strips muscles, you can even feel the stretching of it during exercise. While performing this exercise your arms muscle will get contraction and extraction rapidly.

This rapid change of arms rotation makes the arms muscles tight and effective.

  • Get two dumbbells in both hands
  • Bent your elbow in front of your body
  • You elbows should make 90 degree angle between wrist and biceps
  • Now, rotate your both arms at same time
  • Once clockwise and then anti-clockwise
  • Keep your arm angle constant till you rotate your arms

In the air bar twisting

You need a small size of bar for this exercise. It’s one of the very simple and so effective for arm strength. You may think it is a very simple exercise but that is the most different exercise.

The pain you feel with this exercise is even greater than other exercises. Your both arms should be in the air at your front side. You need to hold that bar in the air til you finish your one set of it.

Have you ever ridden a bike? If you know how to accelerate your bike then you already know how to perform this exercise.

  • Hold your bar in the air
  • Grip it slightly and smooth
  • Now you need to accelerate your one palm and other hand in opposite direction
  • Then accelerate your second hand and other is in opposite direction
  • Keep your hands in the air till you finished your exercise
  • You may have intense pain through your arms but don’t give up

Biceps curl twisting

It’s step by step biceps curl workout. If you are well known with biceps curl workout then it would be easy for you to understand this exercise.

There is no difference between biceps curl and biceps curl twisting but it’s speed makes lots of difference in it. If you are performing this exercise faster then it will be more likely to hit your biceps. And if you do biceps curl workout step by step and slowly then it will be more likely to hit your arms. It’s a modified exercise of arm twisting.

  • Get two dumbbells ready in your hands
  • Raise dumbbells in hammer position
  • Stop once you make 90 degree angle at elbow
  • Now rotate your both arms, clockwise and anti-clockwise
  • Then down your both hands to initial position
  • Repeat this exercise but slow and one step at a time

Arm twisting

We had performed arm rotation, this is the same as this but now we will twist our hands instead of rotation. This exercise mostly depends on your wrist movements. You need to twist your wrist.

  • Make 90 degree angle between palm and biceps in hammer position
  • Now, twist your both hands with your wrists
  • Keep your hands in same position till you complete this exercise

Back barbell arm twisting

We need a one bar for this exercise. You may find it difficult at the beginning but it’s easy too. Keep that bar behind you and hold it tightly. Your wrist will be in action only to stretch your arm muscles.

Here is the one biggest mistake is that, don’t shrug your shoulder while you twist your bar. Keep your shoulder and body steady.

  • Hold bar behind you with both hands
  • Now just twist your wrist to lift bar slightly
  • Keep hold that bar up for few seconds and then release down
  • Again raise abs repeat previous actions

Standing chest press repetition

There is nothing to do with your chest. But the way we perform looks like a chest press. We are going to perform it in the standing press so it will not help to grow the chest. All the pressure you will have on your arms.

You need to perform more repetitions for better results. We have incorporated biceps exercise with chest press but in standing position that’s why it helps to strengthen your arm muscles.

  • Standing straight on floor
  • Both hands now down to initial position
  • Now raise your both hands in reverse biceps position
  • Once you reached to your chest, push both dumbbells ahead
  • Get back to your chest and then down it slowly
  • Again repeat while exercise for multiple time

Biceps curl and reverse slow down

We have two benefits in this exercise one is for your biceps and second is for arms. While raising your hands you need to make your biceps curl and while getting down you need to reverse the biceps position and slow down.

It’s very difficult to explain in words. For your better understanding you should watch the 7th exercise in the above video.

  • Get your both dumbbells and raise it slowly with curling your hands
  • After you reaches to your chest then rotate your hands in opposite way
  • Now it times to get down slowly
  • Don’t make it fast because you will not get enough pressure on arms
  • The more you slowly the better results it will be

On table wrist twisting

Here you need a table to get support for your arms. Don’t get anything soft because we need something hard to feel you that hardness to your arms. Your both arms should be on tables and palms in the air.

It has one great advantage is that your arms only get in action so you will have more energy to use only for arms.

  • Hold your dumbbells and get lied your both arms on the table
  • Now, just twist your both arm up and down
  • Repeat this exercise till you fill pressure on your arm and getting pain

On table reverse wrist twisting

It’s just like the previous one exercise . The only difference is your arm position. In previous times your arms were touching the table. Here your arms should be up side and palm at down side. Now we are again going to accelerate the bike with both hands simultaneously.

  • Get lied your arms on the table
  • Hold your dumbbells tightly
  • Now accelerate both hands and repeat this action for several time

When should I do arms exercises?

In everyone’s workout schedule, every part has its own day to perform but not arms. And there is no need to give separate days for arm exercises. You can simply add its 2-3 sets at the end of your exercise.

Once you finished your daily exercise you may add this to its last session. It will also help you to cool down your body. If you are asking about the time then you can choose your most preferable time.

There is no need to give special separate time for it. But in the special case you have leisure time then you should do it in the morning or either evening.

The best choice is to incorporate these exercises in your daily exercise routine. Because you are already in the exercise phase then it would help you to get energetic with arm exercises.


To have bigger arms you need a bigger priority for it. People just think that arms exercises are not important because they will grow with other exercises as well.

Yes it’s absolutely true that your arms will get exercised with other workouts but think if you will give separate time for it. So results would be greater than ordinary arm size.

All the exercises mentioned above are directly hit to your arms so incorporate it with your daily exercise.

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