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Simple Exercises To Increase Height

There are lots of people who want to increase their height. Here are the best exercises to increase height rapidly. Atmosphere, nutrition is also important. Is it really important to increase height? Yes, the way and world we are living make it important to have height for good personality. People thinking that height can grow till you turn 18 but this is wrong conception. This is right that the height increasing chances till 18 is more than aged after 18. But this is all about your atmosphere, genes quality, living style, nutrition and exercise.

As per my experience height increasing age limit change person to person. If you want to grow your height you still have a chance to give it a shot. If you look closer on why you look short this is because poor nutrition and lack of exercise. One of the biggest reason is your posture, there are some many people who can look tall but their standing, sitting and sleeping posture illuminate them short. In this article we are gonna focus on exercises that can help you to grow your height or grow taller.

What factors affects on your height?

Your lifestyle does matter a lot on your height growth. There are some factors that are affects on your height growth.

  1. Genetics
  2. Sleep (Importance of good sleep)
  3. Eating routine
  4. Healthy diet
  5. Physical activeness
  6. Healthy lifestyle (Simple healthy habits for a busy life)

1. Hanging

Hanging is one of the most easy and usable way to increase height rapidly. Hanging with your hands will stretch your body to ground. Whenever your body get stretch that is signal for your mind to form taller. If you continue this for everyday, your muscle and body will try to sustain and help you to increase height.

  • Jump and hold the bar. Remember you should not fold your legs. We want you to stretch your body from your hand to legs.
  • Keep your arms, spine and legs straight. Hold on this position for at-least 30 seconds.
  • Repeat this exercise 3 times per day and 3 sets at a time.

2. Jogging

Jogging is very useful exercise to increase height with making leg bones strong. Jogging will help you to make your leg muscles strong and increase leg heights. Morning jogging is the best choice but in case you can’t go in the morning you can also go at evening or at night. One note for all jogging means jogging not walking.

3. Rope skipping

Skipping is a exercise can help you to grow and even help to lose fat. No one can get disappointment to lose fat with skipping, so why don’t we put skipping for double advantage. Skipping will make you to jump and also rotate your hands that simply means your whole body get in work during skipping. Your legs, hands and whole body can grow taller with skipping.

4. Standing hand to toe touch

Hand to toe touch can make you tall because it will stretch your spine at it’s maximum level. As we already discussed that our body illuminate us it’s like short but think that if your spine get straight to your body. It will definitely look tall. we basically perform this exercise with sitting posture but here we are gonna perform it with standing posture.

  • Now, stand up and keep your both leg joint to each other.
  • Rise your hand in the air and try to touch your legs.
  • Don’t let your legs fold while touching your legs.

5. Standing side stretch

Side stretch will make you to feel stretch at your lower side back to shoulder. It will help to elongated the intercostal muscles and make your body tall. Besides this exercise is very easy to do, anybody can do it. You don’t need to be professional to perform this exercise.

  • Stand straight on your legs.
  • Joint your hands to each other over your head.
  • Now, bent your upper body to the left side and hold it at-least for 30 seconds.
  • Get back to starting position, and do the same for right side. You can perform this exercise along with other exercises.

6. Glute bridge

This exercise will help you to to increase height and give shape to your butt. Nowadays we can see so many people are performing this exercise for good shaped butt, so your may have double the advantage of this exercise.

  • Lie on the floor straight and get your hand closer to hip and your palms must touch to floor.
  • Fold your knees and get closer to your butt.
  • Start lift up your hip up and let your foots and shoulder keep your body weight.
  • Hold this position for at-least 30 sec and then get to starting position.

7. Cobra pose

This form looking like cobra.  This exercise will hit your abs, shoulder and spine.

  • Lie on the floor with your front side.
  • Place your palm on floor in line on your shoulder.
  • Now, arching you spine and up your chin, keep your abs thighs touch the floor.
  • Keep in this position for at-least 30 sec.
  • You can repeat it 5 times at a time.

8. Swimming

Swimming will make you to use your hands, legs and move your body. This could be the best choice to increase stamina with height. Your muscles will get stretch continuously during you swim. If you look closer you can see your whole body is in process in work. It’s obvious that hands and legs must be in work. Even you need to move your body if you want to swim. That’s why Swimming is helpful to increase height.

9. Toe lift

This exercise we commonly called as calf when we do it in gym for grow our calf. This is exercise will help you to develop your calf muscles and boost the strength of your legs. Besides it’s very easy to perform also.

  • First, stand straight on your foot.
  • Now, try to stand on your toes that means you need to push floor with your toe.
  • Then, simply get in starting position. It will help you to stand good and boost strength of your calf.

10. Leg rises

Leg rises exercise is mostly use to develop abs but it’s also help you to increase height. This will help you stretch your spine whenever you rise your legs. Now, we will see how to perform it.

  • Lie on the floor and get your palm down to floor.
  • Rise your legs as much as you can. Remember you must not let bent your legs while you rising your legs.
  • If you are facing trouble to rise your legs then you can take support of your hands to grab the floor.

Foods to increase height

There is no doubt that exercise will defiantly help to increase height but having good knowledge about nutrition will help yo more. Here are some foods you can eat to increase height.

  1. Milk
  2. Chicken
  3. Eggs
  4. Bok choy
  5. Green vegetables
  6. Yogurt
  7. Oats
  8. Coral calcium
  9. Soy protein
  10. Tofu
  11. Fish
  12. Meat
  13. Ashwagandha
  14. Banana
  15. Grains

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Foods you should ignore to increase height

What you eat can support you to increase height then it’s obvious that some foods can stop your height growth. Here are some foods that you should ignore.

  1. Sugar products
  2. Soft drinks
  3. Junk foods
  4. Carbohydrate
  5. Alcohol


If you are asking how to increase height with exercise, then answer is simple you need to perform exercises who include spine, legs stretching and maintaining good posture. We will come with lots of more exercise to increase height till this exercises is enough to become tall. Try to watch out on your living style, nutrition and sleeping hours otherwise exercise will no longer help you to increase height. So maintain proper ration with all these factors, then it can help you to grow rapidly.

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