Xiaomi fake products how to know real

Fake Mi Products In India: How To Know Real One

India’s number one smartphone company alerts users to stay away from fake products of Mi in India. Xiaomi in short Mi is the most lovable smartphones because they provide indians a smart gadgets in reasonable price.

Some people are really dumb to earn money with faking people in such way. In Bangalore police seized Mi fake products worth 33 lacks. It’s not only includes mobile phone but also other gadgets like, charger, headphones and cover etc.

We have been teasing China for low quality but the main source of low quality is in India itself. Now everyone is able to use smartphones in low cost only because of low price RedMi mobile phones.

Those fake mobiles and gadgets already been sold in market and somehow Redmi company realised it they hadn’t manufactured this electronics. Those kind of companies actually selling Mi phones for more than 4-5 months and might be more than it.

Police found three suppliers from Bangalore and  four from Chennai and found almost products worth over 33 lakhs rupees. Xiaomi revealed that they had been found more than 4000 Mi products which are totally fake. Those shopkeepers been arrested who allegedly selling fake Mi products in their store.

We all must know that those seized phones weren’t last products in market. There are some products already been in market to sell so now question arose here, how could we find the real one.

Here are some tricks or ways to find out the fake and real Xiaomi products.

  1. You should visit your nearest XiaoMi customer care to find out the product trust.
  2. Some products of Xiaomi such as mobile phones, power banks and music products have barcode to scan with help of mi.com
  3. Quality of box and packaging are very different than real Xiaomi products.
  4. You can visit Xiaomi store to validate the box or packaging of your newly bought products.
  5. Check out the original logo on your mobile phone, if you don’t know then you can check the log on mi.com website
  6. All Mi products related to fitness and health have compatibility to connect with all Mi products.
  7. Fake Mi cables can break easily than real one.

If you want to check, authenticate or validate your product kindly visit the link below:

Product Authentication (Check Your Mi Product Here)

You just need to visit above link and just submit your IMEI code for mobile authentication and you can also check the Mi product authentication with Product authentication in same link above.

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