Full body fat loss workout at home

20 Minute Full Body Fat Loss

Full body fat loss workout at home is an task for so many people. It’s obvious question for everyone how would choose the exercise for lose the fat. As we see people are living in hasting life they said don’t have time for exercise. In this article we are giving you a best exercise which can help you to lose fat with just investing your 20 minutes per day.

You can do these exercises in the morning or at evening, but we suggest you to perform exercise at least 30 minutes before  your meal. we are simply giving you the structure of our workout. It include high knee run, jumping lunge, fast regular dips, side plank dips, step planks.

Workout overview

Goal: fat loss

Level: beginner

Type: full body

Days per week: 4 days

Time: 20 min

Program  Duration: 5 weeks

Equipment: body weight

Workout description

Before we start exercises we must know all the information about exercises. Just showing exercise and performing it, is not good way to pursued you. All you need to perform this workout plan is your body weight and your time. The main focus of this program is to build your strength and lose fat, muscle endurance, and cardiovascular system.

If you have only 20 minutes so we need to put exercise and resting time in appropriate manner. Our main focus always goes to make you move your body as much as possible. Your moving body is nothing but your exercise part. Your resting time is considered to be regaining of energy for next exercise. Also remember your resting time is also a part of your exercise because without gaining energy you can’t perform next exercise.

We know that, there is only 20 minutes then we need to put workout with giving specific time for each exercise. We will put 20 minutes in 4 phases, that means 1 phase have 5 minutes each. Then we have best idea to put 5 exercises for every minute. And that minute include exercise plus resting time. If we will have 20 sec for push ups then we will have 30 sec rest.

Exercise description

1. High knee run

High knee run exercise is our first startup exercise because it will help you to circulate your blood to whole body fast. This is just like you are running on floor but lifting your knees high. It will help you to strengthen your calve and exercise stamina. Your every steps must be higher than your regular run, toy may feel hammering to your foot but you will adapt it with time.

2. Fastest regular dips

We include regular dips to boost your arm strength and lift your endurance. We will have different variation for dips but at beginners level regular dips would be good choice. The very important thing to know here is you need to perform dips as fast as you can in given time limit. Your fast movement is very important to burn more calories, the fast you dips the better result will you have.

3. Side plank dips

Side plank dips is one of the best exercise to lose fat around your love handle. Love handle is one of the bad looking fat in our body. It can ruin your whole body shape for men and women also. Get your elbow down on the floor, keep your body straight and middle in the air. Now rise your hip and down rapidly, the more reps you have the more good result will be.

4. Jumping lunge

Jumping lunge is exercise to lose fat around your thighs and considered to be good choice for circuit training. This exercise is always choice for increase your thighs strength and muscle endurance. Get in the standing position, jump and rise your right leg front and left leg back. and perform lunge without stopped while landing. Now jump in the lunge position and swap your legs positions and perform lunge again. With stopping your legs move your hand like you are running.

5. Step planks

We all know about regular planks, regular planks are very good for losing fat around your belly. We incorporate steps in planks to boost it’s results for multiple body parts. Although regular planks even help you to lose whole body fat but incorporating extra movement can add more fat lose. We are going to add your hand elbow movements with plank position. Get on your elbow and keep your straight. Now try to lift your body on your palm. After getting on your palm get back to your elbow again. Repeat this movements with keeping your belly up.

Exercise phases

Phase 1

In phase 1 of this exercise program we distribute 30 seconds for each exercise and 30 seconds rest between every exercise.

High knee run: 30 sec exercise and 30 sec rest

Fastest regular dips: 30 sec exercise, 30 sec rest

Side plank dips: 30 sec exercise, 30 sec rest

Jumping lunge: 30 sec exercise, 30 sec rest

Step planks: 30 sec exercise, 30 sec rest

Phase 2

Phase 2 is tough than phase 1, not tough as you though. We just increase the exercise time and reduce the rest time.

High knee run: 40 sec exercise and 20 sec rest

Fastest regular dips: 40 sec exercise, 20 sec rest

Side plank dips: 40 sec exercise 20 sec rest

Jumping lunge: 40 sec exercise, 20 sec rest

Step planks: 40 sec exercise, 20 sec rest

Phase 3

As we seen above, our exercise is becoming more though than before so, we increase exercise time and reduce rest time again.

High knee run: 50 sec exercise and 10 sec rest

Fastest regular dips: 50 sec exercise, 10 sec rest

Side plank dips: 50 sec exercise, 10 sec rest

Jumping lunge: 50 sec exercise, 10 sec rest

Step planks: 50 sec exercise, 10 sec rest

Phase 4

This is the last phase in our exercise program.  We distribute the exercises time and resting in this phase. We merge the two exercise and distribute the resting time.

High knee run: 30 sec exercise and no rest

Fastest regular dips: 30 sec exercise and 60 sec rest

Side plank dips: 30 sec exercise, no rest

Jumping lunge: 30 sec exercise and 60 sec rest

Step planks: 40 sec exercise, 20 sec rest

What is next?

No more hasting now, take a deep breath with nose and release with mouth for a minute. Now you are all done with your day exercise task. We would like to give you some tips to improve your performance. While performing all the exercises try to breath with nose instead of mouth. Nose will purify the more air pass filtered air to your body. It will help you to perform better and improve your stamina.

Why are you gaining body fat?

  1. Incomplete eating
  2. Lack of physical exercise (Simple healthy habits for a busy life)
  3. Not getting fiber (High fiber foods list with the value)
  4. Lack of sleep (Importance of good sleep)
  5. Incomplete protein intake (The best vegetables high in protein)
  6. Eating fats
  7. Over consumption of sugar (High Sugar Foods With Nutrition Values)
  8. Uncontrolled stress (How does stress affect your body?)
  9. Sitting for long time
  10. Excessive alcohol
  11. Eating lots of carbs (High carb foods anti keto foods)
  12. Not exercising (Weight Loss Workout Plan For Beginners)


This workout program mainly design for beginners because not everyone is beginner. If you are are at immediate level you can follow this program as warm up. This exercises mainly designed for increase your calories burning and reduce excessive fat of body. There is a trick to lead same workout plan as a next level is that just increase your reps and movements. The more reps you have the more better the result will be.

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