Girl climbed on hoarding flex

Girl Climbed On Hoarding Board To Convince Lover To Marry In Indore

Minor girl in Indore climbed up on the hoarding flex to just convince lover to marry with her. It’s manifestly sign of immaturity level. We are in the phase where women are being mad for just imaginary love.

She showed off her all madness against her own mother, what a shame after all. Obviously there are lots of ways to demanding your wish to your mother. But no, we are mad and true lover and everything is fine in true love. No one knows if it is a true love or just an useless addiction.

The girl climbed on the Bhandari Bridge at Pardesipura without giving any idea to her parents. It’s really surprising for us, how could any girl proving herself that immature.

People get started to gather at the spot after they saw a girl on top of the hoarding flex. Some of the people were trying to convince her to get off the hoarding (Because hoarding is government property and we had paid tax for it…ha ha ha). Later police came at the hoarding place and she said them to contact that boy which she want to marry with.

Somehow her lover convince her to get off the hoarding board we better talk about it. After all the drama they gone to the police station and gathered both members family to solve this all matter with conciliation. At the end the girl only showed her immaturity and irresponsibility towards life.

Here is the video of immature girl who climbed on hoarding board to showed her addiction of love.

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