Girl kidnapping video cctv

Girl Kidnapping Video Caught In CCTV Camera

Two girls were walking on the side of the road, suddenly Swift Ertiga appeared before them and one guy came out of the car and lift her in the car. The kidnapped girl’s friend were trying to save her but her power was not enough to save her.

The place where this kidnapping happen is still unknown to us. We still don’t know but you can try to know with the language of the people who are talking to each other while watching this video footage.

This is not the only one city who had this kind of crimes but all over India. There are lots of kidnapping happens in India but only few have been caught in CCTV and only some of them get shared on media. We need to take stand for our future generation, the girl who have been kidnapped is nothing but the future of India.

That doesn’t matter how much your country is developed until women are not feeling safe there. Women need safety not development, and women safety is more important than development.

Here is the video footage you can see how kidnappers kidnap that girl in the day situation. It was a conceivable if someone kidnap a girl in mid night but now this is the worst situation where girls are kidnapped in day time.

This video is nothing but the current situation in India. Women crime is rising up like a cricket trend. Government should make some strict actions against such a crime.

We hope these kidnappers will get caught very soon and pray to for her safety. Share this video with your friends because media will not show this news. Media only shows the news which are entertaining and can help to increase TRP.

We are the only hope for this girl to get retrieve because our voice and unity will make policemen to take fast action against it.

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