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Logo is the first impression of your company or firm and Om Graphics designer here from Mumbai can help you to show your genuinity with quality logo and graphics.

If you are about to start your own company or business then your first step would be to choose the logo. today’s world people are ready to spend lots of money for just logo, because later that logo will become the identity of company.

It has a meaning with attractive attentive graphics, just having ordinary logo is not enough to build trust. You should create it with meaningful message, mostly it should represent your company name or slogan.

We have studied a lot about logo and graphic needs of people, and that’s why we chosen Om Graphics for it to recommend you. There are also lots of graphic designers out there, but we want you to save your money with highly satisfactory service.

Om Graphics have tremendous ideas for logo and graphics designs according to your need. Every logo is differ from previous one, so your logo would definitely unique. Here are some features of Om Graphics you should know for your demands.

Is logo important?

It’s depends on person to person, if someone want to build their market and trust then they should look for logo. And if you are temporarily running your business then it’s your choice depends on your business strategies. There are also lots of companies who designs logo for temporary business to build trust and earn more profit by it.

What is logo?

If you are still not aware of what is logo then this article is not for you. Logo is symbolical representation of your trademark, it’s nothing but the trust of company. All reputed companies have their own logo and people recognized then by their logos.

You can see people first see the logo on car then start to talk about it, for example Ferrari. If someone hide the logo of Ferrari car then no one will give attention to it until they opened that car logo.

1. Unique design

Logo should not match to any other logos, there might be highly chances to have a similar logos because of multiple companies in same sector. Om Graphics can help you to design your unique logo with having any similarities with any other companies.

Remember your company giving something unique to consumers and that’s what make it valuable, so your logo should be unique and attractive.

2. Graphics oriented

Your logo have two appearances; first, physical and second, graphical. In both way you need to carved and finishing it. Om Graphics can design it with attractive graphic layers which grab attention of people.

It’s matters a lot that how designer uses his graphic skills to make logo more attractive. If you just spell your logo without any design then your logo would not have any meaning and eventually you lost quality trust.

3. Branded look

Logo is all about presentation of your brand, if you show your logo then consumer should recognize the brand value. Now we can see, people van earn money with just selling stolen logos.

It’s very bad to steal it, but we just wanted to show you the brand value of logos that’s why we just gave you the example. We don’t appreciate any illegal activity. You need someone who really helps you show your brand value with just logo.

4. Affordable price

Om Graphics will only charge for their skills not for expenses. You just need to share your ideas and what kind of message you want to show then leave rest to Om Graphics.

There are plenty of websites, where you can buy online logos with ease but if you want someone who really can talk to you then why not Om Graphics. If you have some budget issues, no worries we design logo that fits your needs with your budget.

5. In given timeline

There might be chances that you are looking graphic designer urgently, then here we go again to Om Graphics. You need not have to worried if you have less time, we can give you your logo in your given timeline.

You can tell us the time and just focus on your other works, our first motive is to handover all the logo and graphics related work on our shoulders. We know you can’t handle everything so here we are for share your worries.

6. Multiple choices

There are lots of ways to design a logo to represent same message and name. Now it’s totally depends on designer how would he think and use his mind in creative way.

Om Graphics can give you multiple logo choices and you will just need to choice which one would you liked. Having multiple choices is also important to give a chance to owner to thing about the logo as he wants.


Logo and graphics is most widely used to grab attention of people and build brand value. If you want to design any kind of logo for your page, webpage, offices, etc. You can contact to Om Graphics which is handled by Sanraj Lokare.

Sanraj Lokare have more than 3 years of experience in graphics and logo designing then you can assume his proficiency in this work. If you have more doubts and want to design your logo and graphics you should contact below number.


Sanraj Lokare: 9820958942

Samples of Sanraj Lokare (Om Graphics)

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