Happy birthday regina cassandra

Happy Birthday Regina Cassandra | Gorgeous Actress

Wish you many many returns of the day Regina Cassandra. Today 13th Dec (1990) is the birthday day of South movie actress featured in Evaru, Seven, Saravanan Irukka Bayamaen, Shourya, and a lot more.

Regina Cassandra is on of the most acclaimed actress in South India movie, she has proved her talent with lots of movies. There is no doubt that she is beautiful and winning millions of fans hearts.

In her special day we should give you some light glimpse of her career from first movie to last movie till date. If we look over her first movie then it’s not about her lead role but truly emerging role in South Industry.

“Kanda Naal Mudhal” is the first movie in which she worked first as a character Latha and then later she started becoming well known to everyone. Second movie name is Azhagiya Asura as a Mahalaxmi. Those two movies originally made in Tamil language and she get noticed by South Industry.

In year 2020 there were around 5 movies about to release but we all knew that what suddenly happened in 2020. And we don’t know yet when will be situations get solved.

Here are the movie names which supposed to released in 2020 but date is postponed to next year 2021.

  1. Nenjam Marappathillai
  2. Party
  3. Chakra (Shooting is going on)
  4. Kallapart (Shooting is going on)
  5. Kasada Thapara (Shooting is going on)

These 5 movies will coming in 2021 and last 3 movies are in under shooting, hopefully it will done soon without any barriers. Once all the theater will opened we can watch her movies very soon.

Here we would like to show you some of her beautiful pics which we have taken from her Instagram account.

1. Smile which can make you to be in heavenHappy birthday regina cassandra 1

2. Even before makeup she is looking so gorgeous, we think she don’t need makeup actually make up need her to glow.

Happy birthday regina cassandra 23. Black to with attractive smile simple face no attitude

Happy birthday regina cassandra 34. In traditional look no one can beat her, we have seen her all movies and we love to see her in traditional dress than western dress.Happy birthday regina cassandra 4

If you want to keep updated yourself with Regina Cassandra then you should follow her on Instagram account, here is the link: reginaacassandraa

Now it’s your time to wish her with putting her images on your social media accounts. You can download all above images and celebrate her birthday with her.

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