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List Of High Carbs Foods With Values

High carb is not healthy for our body. If you wanna get you need to manage your carb quantity. Low carb will assist you to lose weight and control various diseases.

It can be manageable if you eat a minor or medium amount of carb but sometimes you should diminish all carb from such foods. Like cake and sweets have totally unhealthy carbs, first they are very high in carbs and second they are not healthy for us.

If you want to try to control your carb intake then you should know some information about foods with their nutrition values.

Why should you avoid high carbs foods?

We don’t want you to avoid carbs but there are two types of carbs. One is refined which is considered as bad. Normal carbs are considered to be good but in limited quantity. Here are some reasons why you should avoid high carbs.

  1. They are very low in fiber (Fiber foods)
  2. Not enough other nutrition
  3. Risk of obesity
  4. Risk of weight gain (Weight loss tips)
  5. Blood sugar imbalance (How to lower your blood sugar naturally?)
  6. Disturbed hunger
  7. Risk of heart disease (Foods for a healthy heart?)
  8. Can have diabetes

1. Pasta

Pasta is a very good choice for breakfast and fulfills your stomach needs but however it’s very high in carbs. If we consider the carb value in pasta then it has 40 gram carbs and just 3 gram fiber in 240 gram of pasta. It’s such a high carb and fiber ration difference.

You can just reduce the amount of pasta to get some control on it. There is another way to make it healthy by adding some nutritional food with it.

2. Processed yogurt

There is no doubt that yogurt is so delicious. It’s a very flexible food that you can eat with any food. Don’t add any sugar in it because low fat yogurt is very low in carbs.

Natural yogurt is very low in carbs but processed yogurt has so many carbs in it. In 250 gram yogurt has 45 gram of carbs and it’s awfully very high in number.

There are two types of yogurt mainly one, low fat and second non fat yogurt. And both have almost the same amount of carbs in it.

3. Oats

There is no doubt oats are the very best and first choice for a healthy breakfast. If you don’t have a problem with carbs then you can go with oats otherwise you will need to wait.

In 50 gram of oats it contains 28 gram carbs over only 2 gram of fiber. Now have a look at oats with various circumstances.

Grain oats have 18 gram of carbs and 3 gram of fiber in 30 gram of oats.Cooked oats contain 15 gram of carbs and 2 gram of fiber in 45 gram oats.

4. Juice

We know it tastes very good but it’s not very good for health as it tastes. If you want to follow a low carb diet then you need to say bye bye juice. It doesn’t matter if you add sugar or not but high on carbs.

You may know that every fruit juice is very high in glucose and carbs. If you have glucose deficiency then you can take the risk of high carbs to control your glucose level. Here are some short notes on carb values of some juices.

Apple juice has 24 gram of carbs in 180 ml apple juice, grape juice have 30 gram of protein in 180 ml. This is all about fruit juice. If you like to drink vegetable juice then carbs could be lower than fruit carbs. At 180 ml you may have only 8 gram of fiber.

5. Beans

There is no doubt that vegetable beans are very nutritious to health. It can provide you with various advantages to fight against diseases. Here are some beans with their carb value.Quantity is 180 gram

  1. Peas: it have 23 gram carbs and 7 gram fiber
  2. Chickpeas: 43 gram of carbs and 10 gram of fiber
  3. Kidney beans: 38 gram of carbs and 11 gram fiber
  4. Lentils: 37 gram of carb and 14 gram fiber

6. Natural foods

Every food contains carbs. It doesn’t matter if it is natural or not. We only can control its value but can’t diminish the carb. So how could we control the carb intake foods.

It’s very easy, you just need to take care of food nutrition values. Here are some highlights on natural foods.

  1. Pears: 26 gram carb with 5 gram fiber
  2. Raisins: in 25 gram raisins you have 21 gram fiber
  3. Fiber: 25 gram carbs with 2 gram fiber
  4. Mango: in 150 gram mango you may have 25 gram carbs and 2 gram fiber

7. Sugar candies

It’s no doubt that you are well aware of sugar products. But I know what you might not be aware of, some sugar products are very low in carb but some sugar products are very high in carbs.

These have two types of sugar products. We are going to discuss high carb foods so have a look on some.

  1. Nectar: 15 gram of carb
  2. Maple syrup: 10 gram of carb
  3. White sugar: 10 gram of carb

These sugary products will not give you any dietary benefits. If you forget they do it would be better for your health. There are some foods which are high in sugar but with some dietary advantages, then choose it.

8. Milk

Milk is very nutritious with various vitamins and potassium. When it comes to carbs you need to think again before you drink it. Normal milk has 24 gram of carbs for 500 ml. If you want to keep milk on your diet even in a low carb diet then reduce some amount of milk.

9. Chips

Is there anyone who knows how much healthy chips are? Probably not, because it’s lots of disadvantages over benefits. Chips are one of the night carb foods besides very high in fat.

High carbs foods and nutrition values

Values provided for 50 gram portion

Food nameCarb (g)Protein (g)Fat (g)Energy (kcal)
Fried onion20.082.299.8178
Grape juice7.380.180.0630
Cream soda6.60025
Orange juice soda6.10024
Sweet potatoes boiled8.860.680.0738
Apple juice5.60.050.0623
White rice14.291.190.1065
Brown rice12.791.370.4861
Soft drink5.1800.1221
Chocolate cake26.72.657.55185
Split peas10.554.170.1959
Black beans11.854.430.2766
Kidney beans11.44.330.2563
Boiled lima beans10.443.90.1957
Moong dal9.573.510.1952
Cheese pizza16.665.694.84133
Red apples7.030.130.129
Potato french fries20.721.717.36156
Starch jelly pieces49.4500198
Garlic spice36.368.270.36165
Ginger spice35.814.492.12167
Chocolate syrup32.510.56139
Fenugreek seed29.17113.2161

Low carbs vegetables

We have studied high carbs foods but it could be considered as incomplete if you don’t know its other part. If you are looking for high carb foods information then it’s obvious that you will also find foods about low carbs.

It’s very easy to find a low carb diet in the non-veg category. So we choose to give you a list of low carb vegetables.

  1. Chime pepper
  2. Broccoli
  3. Asparagus
  4. Mushroom
  5. Zucchini
  6. Spinach
  7. Avocados
  8. Cauliflower
  9. Green beans
  10. Lettuce
  11. Garlic
  12. Kale
  13. Cucumber
  14. Brussels sprouts
  15. Celery
  16. Tomatoes
  17. Radishes
  18. Onion

Read more about low carb vegetables: List of best low carbs vegetables for vegans

Shall I stop eating carbs?

No. As we say earlier that not all carbs are bad for you. Eating lots of refined carbs has so many chances of diseases. Some carb foods have other nutrition as well then you can eat it. We only want to avoid foods that only contain high carbs and ignore other nutrition. You May have some healthy vegetables to fulfil your carb needs with other nutrition. If you don’t have any problem regarding high carb then you do not need to follow any restrictions.


You should not exceed your carb limit, if you are getting low carbs then it would not be that much of a problem but high carb intake could lead you to various health problems. Reducing carb can be beneficial for your health so it’s always a better choice to limit your carb intake to get control on your body.

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