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High Sugar Foods With Nutrition Values

Here you get the information of high sugar foods their nutrition values. High sugar cause serious health problem that’s why you should know this.

Eating too much sugar is seriously bad for your health. There are already so many people who are trying to reduce their sugar level. You must know increasing sugar levels is not difficult but you need to be so damn determined to reduce it. If you are being reckless with your blood sugar level then you will have to face serious diseases in the future. The most difficult thing is to find out which foods are high in sugar. It’s not always true that sweet foods are always high in sugar. There are some foods which don’t taste sweet but have awful sugar levels in it.

Effects of low blood sugar level

Like we always said, everything should be in balance with our body. If high sugar blood levels cause you health problems then low sugar blood levels also cause. The problems with low sugar levels are different and easy to solve with increasing blood sugar level. Here are some health problems caused because of low sugar levels.

  1. Headache
  2. Sudden mood change
  3. Sleeping issues
  4. Low concentration
  5. Loss of consciousness
  6. Fast heartbeat
  7. Hormone imbalance
  8. Skin irritation
  9. Hepatitis
  10. Memory problems
  11. Kidney disorder
  12. Liver problems
  13. Poor hunger
  14. Digestive problems
  15. Can affect the central nervous system
  16. Unusual sweating
  17. Vision problems
  18. Confusion
  19. Irregular behavior
  20. Anxiety

High sugar food list with nutrition values

Values provided for 50 gram portion

Food NameSugarProteinCarbsFiber
Grape juice7.10.187.380.1
Soft ice cream10.591.9812.770.05
peanut butter
Kiwi strawberry
juice drink
White chocolate292.9329.620.1
Regular cola4.9705.180
Apple juice4.810.055.60.1
Ginger ale4.404.380
Energy drink6.870.217.50
Red bull
energy drink
Low fat milk2.61.682.50
Citrus energy
Fat free milk2.541.682.480
Whole milk2.521.572.40
Orange juice4.680.16.70.1
Red apples5.
Chocolate syrup24.83132.51.3
Cooked sweet
Non-fat yogurt3.842.863.840
Kiwi fruit4.50.577.331.5
Blue berries4.980.377.241.2
Dark chocolate23.92.4430.583.5
Butter milk2.441.62.440
rice milk
Sweet cherries6.410.5381


Why should you control blood sugar level?

You can all over the world most of the people getting treatment and consultation from doctors for diabetes, blood pressure, obesity problems etc. Always remember prevention is ever better than cure. Lots of people are not taking care about their food consumption. They are not even aware of what they are eating and what kind of nutrition they are getting with particular food.

How to reduce blood sugar level naturally?

There are several ways that you can reduce your blood sugar level. You mostly take care of your lifestyle. You can’t possibly follow any tips till you have some healthy changes in your lifestyle routine. Here are some ways that can help you to reduce blood sugar level naturally.

  1. Control carb consumption (List of best low carbs vegetables for vegans)
  2. Check out your blood sugar level regularly
  3. Exercise regularly
  4. Eat foods with low glycemic
  5. Stay hydrated (Why should you drink water in the morning?)
  6. Eat fenugreek seeds
  7. Control stress (What are some simple tips to manage stress?)
  8. Get enough sleep (Tips How to get sleep quickly?)
  9. Increase fiber intake (High fiber foods list with the value)
  10. Eat foods high in chromium and magnesium
  11. Lose your weight (Weight Loss Workout Plan For Beginners)

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Shall I stop to eat high sugar foods?

In more cases yes and in minor cases no. If you have a high blood sugar problem then you should not eat any high sugar food. We just showed you the foods which contained too much sugar in it. If you don’t have any disease then you can have these foods some time but not regularly. There are lots of foods which contain sugar in moderate quantities. So that’s why you can ignore these all foods to keep yourself healthy. There is always a better alternative for every food in this world.

Do zero sugar foods exist?

Yes, there are some foods that contain no sugar. You can eat them if you want to reduce your sugar level. But the main problem is that, if there would be zero sugar that means it has something in high quantity. It’s very difficult to find any zero sugar foods but in case you are looking for it then here is the list.

  1. Cooking oil
  2. Regular margarine
  3. Grape seed oil
  4. Almond oil
  5. Flaxseed oil
  6. Roasted turkey thigh
  7. Garlic
  8. Ginger
  9. Water bottle
  10. Unsweetened water tea
  11. Oolong tea
  12. Black tea
  13. Raw fish
  14. Roasted pork
  15. Cheese fat free
  16. Salmon fish
  17. Fried shrimp
  18. Cooked ostrich
  19. Raw chicken
  20. Egg white powder
  21. Caffeine coffee
  22. Way based protein powder
  23. Unsweetened chocolate almond milk
  24. Energy drink sugar free

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The foods mentioned above contain no sugar in it. But you should have looked over their other nutrition values. You can see oil contains no sugar but it contains a lot of fat, so it’s better to have a look at it also.Here you can see no sugar foods with nutrition values

When high sugar will be a problem?

It’s a ridiculous question because you should not wait till it causes a problem to you. Why do you want to know it’s limit? to control your diet or to eat more foods. This is not the way to prevent any disease but for your informational knowledge, you must know the limit level of it.

If your blood sugar level is higher than 120mg/dL without eating anything for at least 8 hours, then you got to know you need to consult a doctor. Diabetes level is its lower level before your meal. Most of the people who don’t have diabetes have 75-85 sugar levels before their meal. This level can vary with person to person.

Is low sugar serious health problem?

Yes, but it’s not that harmful like a high sugar level person. There are lots of health differences between low and high sugar patients. The problems with high sugar patients are more serious and difficult to manage with respect to lower sugar people. Even if you have a low sugar problem you can increase its level easily but can’t decrease. You need to take care and be more responsible to reduce blood sugar level.


This all information will help you to understand about high and low sugar problems. This food list is very informative and helps you to become more conscious while choosing your foods. Eating too much and too low both are wrong ways to treat sugar levels. Keep a healthy balance between your foods and have healthy blood sugar levels.

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