How world think about India

How Other Countries Think About India

India is all time considerable country in the world. There is no one who can denied the existence of India. May be some countries don’t have need of India but it’s affects other countries indirectly. So here we are going to show you people talk about what does other countries think about India.

1. South Africa

We love Mahatma Gandhi

South africa women

If whenever you visit to South Africa people will remind Mahatma Gandhi. It doesn’t matter who you are but the first think they notice by Indians that you are the same country from Mahatma Gandhi is. Besides there are lots of people who still consider Mahatma Gandhi as a good motivator.

2. Italy

Brother from another mother

Italy sea house

Italy is very good and fascinating country. once you visit it you will not feel to leave this country. But what really does people of Italy think about India? Yes, India is brother from another mother for Italy. Italy is more likely matched with India.

3. Russia

Old and true friend

Russia putin

Not only Russia but entire world is very well known about the friendship of India with Russia. Russia is always been our ally whenever India need help from Russia. In 1971 when rest of the world ready to target India and want to destroy India, there was only Russia who help India and saved from disaster. If Russia wasn’t there then we could not imagine how much India had to survive.

4. England

They are growing now

England mus

England is the country who ruled the most of the part of this world. India is the major country for England to ruled. For now time changes and lots of things are there are changes as well. If you look back and now again then England is probably think that India is developing now. Only they can understand this most.

5. France

We love Bollywood


France is one of the best country for tourism. Every country have some idol to remember about countries. For France there are lots of Bollywood actors they love. SRK, Hritik Roshan, etc.

6. Germany

We love Bollywood also

Bindi Asian

Germany is also like Bollywood too much, the first actor they love is SRK then other actors forth on. Indians movies are well known and famous in Germany.

7. South Korea

They love our music

South korea music band

South Korea have very unique music taste in this world. We can see so many similarities in Bollywood but South Korean music is so tasty and unique.

8. Israel

Loyal Friend

Israel Flag

We can see after Russia only one country who supports India openly is Israel. Whenever time comes Israel always shows support to India. While nuclear tasting Israel was the second country who openly stand with India.

9. Nepal

India is Younger brother

Nepal old women

Actually Nepal is more likely depends on India but sometimes there are some issues in family. Nepal always respect India as a big brother but don’t know why they are shouting now. But we hope this quarrel will stop very soon.

10. Pakistan

Biggest enemy

Pakistan Imran khan

Pakistan name is enough to define the relation between India and Pakistan. Not only India and Pakistan but entire world is very well know the relationship of these countries with each other.

11. Iran

Iran women

Things are so difficult and critical in Iran. But with time they are changing slowly slowly and becoming more open and freedom to this world. Women are still have not much freedom but they consider India as a cultured support. Now they are changing to adapt with this new world.

12. UAE

Namaste India


UAE is well know country and very developed as well. Lots of people who visit UAE frequently and love to visit there. UAE more likely to support SRK, SRK have done lots of help to UAE. So if you want to define the relation the UAE is the country who welcome India always.

13. Bangladesh

We share lots of traditions

Bangladesh Bride

Bangladesh is the country who separated from Pakistan. Know one knows why Bangladesh oppose India even India is responsible to independence of Bangladesh. But they still like traditions of India. There are lots of people who love to celebrate Indian events.

14. Japan

Gautam Buddha origin

There is only two countries who didn’t fight with each other in WW2 is India and Japan. Japan have a culture of Buddha. They love India for trading and import, export. Beside if it comes to people they think India is land of Buddha.

15. Afghanistan

We are family

Afghanistan children

Afghanistan have very nice relations with India. There are lots of deals have been done in last 6 years. Nowadays Afghanistan getting huge help from Indian more than his neighborhood countries.

16. Saudi Arabia

They are struggling and working hard

Saudi Arabia thinks that India is very hardworking country. It’s true though because after Independence India always facing trouble from other countries and keep standing and move forwarding.

17. China

Our super market

China Industry

We can’t denied the fact, most of the electronics gadgets are available to Indian people is because of China. There is no match for China to exporting material to countries. China is developed and keep developing faster than USA did. No one can stop China for now. What makes china that powerful? It’s there hardwork and their market. In their market India is one of the best market for China.

18. North Korea

India is good country

If you think about North Korea you can only able imagine about Kim Jong-Un. You can’t imagine about North Korea rather than KIm Jong-Un. North Korea always trending because of his arrogant nature with other countries. But yet there is no any case that shows North Korea hate, or speech against India.

19. USA

Most of our companies CEO are Indians

Sundar Pichai

USA have strong base of civilization, it’s more developed country and open for everyone. Lots of companies are origin with USA, but what makes USA to think about India? Yes, it’s the approach of Indians to become CEO of the companies. USA itself declared that our most of the companies have Indians CEO.

20. Canada

Balle Balle, Sat Sri Akal

Second place for Sikh people is Canada, Canadian people are very well aware of Punjabi Sikh people. We can see Akshay Kumar is also from Canada. He don’t need to take nationality of Canada. Beside Punjabi sons are well famous in Canada.

21. Bhutan

Good neighborhood

In the previous days India is strongly supporting to Bhutan to grow up. China is trying to take over on Bhutan but India is always a helping nature for other countries. So only one thing Bhutan never forget about India is good neighborhood.

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