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How To Do Affiliate Marketing On Facebook

If you are curious to know how to use facebook to earn money with Affiliate Marketing then you are at right place. We will explain you all the ideas and ways to use Facebook for AM.

As you are reading this article, we could conclude that you are all aware about Affiliate Marketing (AM). You may not aware but Amazon is not the only way to earn money with selling their products.

There are lots of organisations who provides opportunity to earn money with selling their products, and you can earn even more commission than Amazon. We just want you to be more aware of AM that’s why we told yo about it.

When it comes to Affiliate Marketing facebook might be the the first choice for you. It’s not bad idea to start your AM projects with facebook. If you have an idea how can you earn money with AM on FB then good but these tips can also help you a lot.

1. Create Facebook page

We are concluding that you have a website already and if you don’t any, still there is no problem because it’s not necessary to have the website.

It all start with Facebook page, if you have an account then you can create Facebook page for your business. Give it a proper and valid name that should be catchy for visitors. Once you settled with name you should fill up all the information in info option.

2. Create page logo

If you are serious about your AM for last long then you should have your logo which can help you to build brand value. Nowadays brand value matters a lot, people are most likely to come with your business reputation.

Logo is nothing but trusted mark, when people see you are came along with full preparation then they would like to like your page.

3. Create attractive images

Just posting links will not help you until you start to engage your visitors. Human mind is so peculiar it wants same things but in different or new way. If you are selling a product and other one selling the same product but in attractive way, then we know people will go to him. Even product is same price is same but the way you selling is different.

Keep updating your audience with new offers and attractive images that will give them hope for new upcoming offers.

4. Add Affiliate Links in post

You must know it, you have two ways to show your product. First, you can directly add particular link and Facebook will fetch the images from internet and second, you can add your own image with it. You need to choose your own way, because we can’t sure which way will be better to attract more people.

As there are variety of people so some will gonna like or not, so use your strategies.

5. Promote your Facebook page

If you want more people to follow and like your page then you can run campaign on Facebook. The positive point of campaign is that you can choose the audience who should like your page or not.

Facebook will recognise those who wish to like your page. There is plus point if want to run paid promotion, if you have an Instagram account then you can join it to Facebook page. Eventually you will able to run same paid promotion on both side without adding any separate money for both platform.

6. Promote posts

As you can promote Facebook page you can promote particular post as well. The plus point with promoting particular post is, you can select target to visit your website or link which you have provided.

You can directly set your campaign to visit website while choosing the goal of your campaign. And yes you can run on Instagram also simultaneously without adding extra money.

7. Add hashtags

Adding hashtag is the best and free way to help your post to reach wide audience. Facebook is most likely to show your post on particular topics which define by hashtags.

When you are giving the head line and adding description you must add few hashtags in description. Your hashtags will help Facebook to recognise which kind of post you added. Then it will reach to particular users who are most likely to love to visit your website.

8. Add daily 2 posts

People are only looking for the chance when they are going to have good and best deals. We can’t say that everyone want to buy something but their friends might. So don’t lose hope because if your visitor is not interested in particular product he may suggest to his friends.

Adding 2 posts daily will give idea to your visitors that you are continuously working for them. And they will keep you follow in hope that their benefit will also come.

9. Share on social media

Facebook is the world’s largest social media but don’t forget rest of the social media. In this case Facebook should be you main page and rest of the media should help you to increase visitors at Facebook.

Share your links and offers on Whatsapp, Instagram, Pinterest etc. Your main purpose of rest media is to motivate them to like your facebook page.


These all steps can help you to earn money with Affiliate Marketing on Facebook. We gave you ideas about to target your Facebook page as a main goal because without it your AM will not work. You first need to gather them at your page then leave it to visitors either visit links or not.

You can create more pages but your attention will get divide on both side so at the beginning, should focus on only one Facebook page, run it successfully and then plan for next one.

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