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How To Do Affiliate Marketing On Instagram

Instagram is one of the best platform for Affiliate Marketing. If you have come here to know then we can conclude that you are well aware of Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is popular way to earn money online and from home. You just need to develop strategies and think ahead of your competitors. Remember there is always a competitor wherever you go to earn money.

Even though you can earn good money along with your competitors because no one can provide all the best deals to everyone. So don’t lose hope you also a chance to make your brand value.

Can Instagram helps to earn money with Affiliate Marketing?

This is the first question you should have asked to yourself. There are lots of ways to promote your Affiliate links but why do you want to choose Instagram? You must clear yourself with this question if you have a proper answer for it then go ahead.

Nowadays Instagram is became one of the toughest social media to earn followers but remember you can develop a strategies to increase followers.

Till you can put your Affiliate link to your in your bio, you can use Instagram for Affiliate Marketing.

1. Create page

First step is to create your Instagram page that should be catch for everyone. It’s not difficult to create Instagram page, it’s same procedure as you create account on it. You just need to change the account as business and open for everyone.

Until you create an Instagram account you could not able to promote any product on it. So give good name and think about some images creation.

2. Should have a base website or social page

It’s not compulsory to have a website for Affiliate Marketing. But on Instagram you can only promote one link at a time so you need to put a link which can redirect users to your main page.

You can add your Facebook, Pinterest, etc page link to redirect users to full access to all products. Your main motive with Instagram should be increase your brand value.

3. Create attractive images

Instagram mostly promote images because images it’s main content. Images on Instagram are reaching more audience than videos and reels. The main goal of Instagram for Affiliate Marketing should be attractive images.

You need to create good images with deals and offers. That can catch the attention of users and make them to visit your main site.

You can also use those same images for Pinterest also. By means your one time work will give you double advantage.

4. Promote post

Whenever you post any new image on Instagram you will have been given a action “promote”. You can use this action to promote your offers and deals. If you have Facebook page then you can connect it with Facebook. And you don’t need to pay double money for it.

Facebook owned Instagram so now it’s easy to promote your offer at both sides with single amount of money.

In “promote” action you can add your goal where do you want to redirect your audience. You can redirect them to follow your page, like your post, and visit website. So you will have multiple choices according to your goals.

5. Paid Promotions

There are lots of Instagram pages which already been famous and have lots of followers. You can ask them to promote your page, it may be costly or cheap too. It’s totally depends on promoters page owner how much to charge.

You can promote your page and can collaborate to get more followers.

6. Use hashtags

The best and well known method to reach audience is to use appropriate hashtags with your post. When you promoting any product with images don’t forget to add hashtag in description.

Appropriate hashtags can help audience to reach to your page easily. Instagram users mostly seeking for new content in hashtag pages and your images can be in hashtag if you use them wisely.

You can first search hashtags on Instagram then add it in your description. First study well how to use hashtag then apply it with your respective product images. Because repetitive use of hashtag will not able your post to show in it. So don’t use it repeatedly rather use frequently with posts.

7. Add stories

Stories can help your followers to keep updated with your page. Most importantly it can gives light views about your work. Your followers wants you to be active on Instagram so stories are best to let them know you are still working for them.

Sometimes it’s very difficult to get notified about your new post so in this case stories can help them to reach to you. So keep update your stories and let them engage with you.

8. Use video, IGTV, Insta Reels

You can make short or long videos to get more attention of users. There are lots of videos you can see on Instagram that promotes their products. You can make simple video with help of Reels.

You can shoot or get images of products from internet and make an awesome video which includes product use, qualities, price, savings, and offers. There are lots of creative ways on Instagram nowadays.

What should you not do on Instagram?

Spamming. Yes very simple answer is spamming. Instagram is damn restrict against spam. If you just sending your links in personal messages then your sites most likely to get banned. After getting banned you need to wait for long time to remove your spam link.

Remember, doing spam on Instagram is same as doing spam on Facebook. Facebook and Instagram works together to find spam links. If you get banned on Facebook that means you are not allowed to share your link on Instagram also.

Don’t be a spammer, just go with algorithm and you can be successful in Instagram Affiliate Marketing.


You can go ahead if you want to do Affiliate Marketing on Instagram. Just bear in mind that you are doing it professionally then you would avoid mistakes.

We hope you understood all the tips and ways for Instagram Affiliate Marketing. We will keep update our article if there will be any change in Instagram policies.

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