Earn money affiliate marketing without website

How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

Do you want to make money with Affiliate Marketing without a website? Or questioning yourself whether website is mandatory or not?  So these all tips will help you to know.

If you want make extra income money online then Affiliate Marketing is one of the best way for it. Online shopping provides you a chance to sell their products and you will receive a good amount according to product value.

Affiliate marketing is one the best way to earn money online. There are lots of websites who provides you a chance to sell their products and earn commision. You first need to choose your products, there is no problem to choose multi types of product to affiliate. If you can manage all it parallely then go ahead with your goals.

In this article we are gonna introduce you online money making strategy with affiliate marketing. First we would like you give some information about Amazon affiliate marketing for getting better knowledge of it.

Do you need website for Affiliate marketing?

It’s not mandatory to have a website for Affiliate marketing. Actually Affiliate marketing sites eventually redirects you to main product website. So purpose of website is to just generate traffic and it’s not worth to buy domain, hosting, etc for it.

Only professional bloggers can drive Affiliate websites successfully. If you are at initial stage of Affiliate marketing then you should go with social and bookmark sites to earn money with it.

Remember it’s not important to have a website for Affiliate marketing, it’s all about your strategies and ways to attract people to your links.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

This is most probably the first question what is Amazon Affiliate marketing? First, you must know the meaning of Affiliate. Affiliate is mean to connect an organisation that simply means you are going to connect with Amazon organisation if you join Amazon Affiliate programme.

There are lots of ways to earn money with affiliate program with different companies. Amazon is not the only organisation who provide the chance to earn money with affiliate. There are several organisations like, hosting, domain, product selling, etc who gives you a commision to earn money online.

If you are new to affiliate marketing then Amazon is the easy way to understand how does affiliate marketing works. However, there always been a competition in this field also but not that much as expected.

If you have grocery and shop which associate with online products then you have more chance to earn double money with it. Though this is long term process so we would like to give you some best and easy steps to earn best money at initial stage.

1. Create whatsapp group or broadcast list

If you have a good friend circle then whatsapp is very easy way to motivate people to buy products. There are lots of people who always wants to buy products with best deal. You just need to watch out when is the best deal is coming out, in this case you are actually helping your friends to save money and besides you are also getting your reward.

There are most probably a different kind of friends who are looking for different kind of products then you should make whatsapp group and broadcast list according to friends approach.

You can also find lots of whatsapp groups related to your niche on google but you need to patience while you are sending links to unknown contact number. Best practice is to get help of your friends to join more members on your whatsapp groups.

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2. Facebook page

When it comes to social media we can’t dare to ignore Facebook. Nowadays Facebook is the most widely used social site in the world that’s why this is also good platform to promote your products.

You should first create Facebook page with appropriate name that should give an idea to visitor what is page about.

Don’t send affiliate link as a personal message because in this case you  most likely to get blocked by Facebook. You can share your links on your Facebook page and then share on your timeline. You can also tell your friends to share this link on their profile timeline.

Facebook is so strict in term of spam, social media really hates spam links and messages that’s why creating page is best way to promote your products. You can give catchy headline and hashtags to reach your post to wide range.

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3. Instagram

Instagram is like parallel social media with facebook but Instagram is more standard than Facebook. It’s really tough to get followers on your Instagram page but your strategies can help you to increase your followers. Remember your Instagram page can be effective if you provide them good deals and offer alerts.

Here is the main question, how can you promote multiple links or products on single account. Ya answer is so easy, Instagram is not mean to promote your each and every link because you are able to put only one link in your bio at a time.

So bear in mind, Instagram could be a promotion page of your main page of Facebook or your website. You can regularly post attractive deals on Instagram and redirect them to your main web page or Facebook page.

Here is the one plus point, Facebook took over the instagram that’s why you run two campaigns in single promotion value. You just simply need to connect your Instagram page with Facebook page then it can allow you to promote campaign on both side.

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4. Quora

Quora is not the best practice but there are lots of people who seeks answers of their questions daily. You can add your offer on your Quora page. Remember we are saying about Quora page not about account.

With Quora account you can simply give the answers of people with your links but there is also and option to make your own page on Quora, where you can add your question with attractive words and attach your link with it. And don’t forget to request for answer to users.

After asking the question you need to send answer requests to users. It’s not compulsory but it can help your page to get eye sights to Quora users. Besides you can send your Quora space main link to join people to get notified whenever you post new deal or offer.

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5. Pinterest

Pinterest can be a good platform if you use your imagination to put offers with images. Pinterest is actually famous for it’s image promoting content. You can drive traffic to your affiliate product with showing attractive offers with astonishing images.

You can create very attractive images that shows product, it’s value, saving and other offers. It’s all depends on your creativity. If you just shows them a good money saving offer then they would look after it.

You can promote your main affiliate pages on it but you have very best chance here with pinterest. You can add multiple images with appropriate links. If you want to add two products then you can add two images with their appropriate links.

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6. Other ways

There are some ways you can promote your affiliate products but not that effective as mentioned above. Above ways are very effective and give a good response but here are some social media or bookmark site that can help help also.

Tumblr, Reddit, Medium, Twitter are some of the good but not best for affiliate. You need to first create brand value if you want to generate traffic from those sources. And it’s very tough because branded products either not promoting their products as they doing on other social medias.

So the best part is you can ignore Tumblr, Reddit, Medium and Twitter for Affiliate marketing because they are not supposed to be for Affiliate marketing. There are different purpose of different social sites so choose only those which mean to be Affiliate marketing.


We hope this article helped you to understand how can you earn money with Affiliate marketing without website. The main purpose of having website for Affiliate marketing is to redirect you main link to particular product link.

Social media and websites are best way to do Affiliate marketing without website. Just keep up and don’t give up on your social accounts because at initial stage it would take time but once you get fitted in social media then no one can wipe you out. Be strategic and creative with one another medias.

Every social media have their own algorithm that simply means your single strategy will not work for all social media. Learn how each and every social media works and then work on this basis.

At the end we conclude that website is not mandatory to earn money with Affiliate marketing. There are several ways you can start earn with it.

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