Forget love someone

How to forget someone you love

How to forget someone I truly love?

How to forget about a lover and move on?

How can I stop thinking about my love after breakup?

How can I focus on my life without thinking of my lover?

The one who gives you a reason to sing a song now this same person is the reason to steal your melodies. This is why it’s so damn hard to forget about someone who you really loved. Everyone has been through this dark side of love feelings. It really feels like I am helpless. Even if you’re trying to enjoy life, watching ,movies, and playing games it all would be helpless because your pain is not physical. It’s all through your inner feelings which you can’t deny.

In this world everyone wants to get over the breakup feelings and move on in life. But like other things love feelings also get time to forget. The worst part is that the more you think to forget, the more you will remember about your love. We know that it will take time, sometimes it will take less or sometimes take too much time. But the main question is still there: can I ever forget the person who I love the most?

So, there is no proper answer for this but I was able to take down the thinking about my lover and move on in my life. This is why I just want you to help you for the same, because I know how it feels. That’s why I want to share my own experience with you cause at-least you would be able to forget and move on fast or quickly.

Stop stalking your love

If you have broken up with your lover so why do you keep visiting your lover’s social accounts? Love means love so break up means break up. Is there any other meaning of break up in your life? So why don’t you accept it like you accept all the universal rules? You are still visiting your lover’s Instagram profiles and watching it’s look and what it’s doing right now and again you expect that to forget him/her? Watching your lover’s social accounts will lead you to remember more about him/her.

So be gentle yourself and accept that you need to be strong enough and choose a decision. You will not see his social account activities.

Don’t sleep with your lover memory or pics

There are lots of people behaving like they are now in movies, and what they are doing is so cute and brave to sleep with lover memory or pictures. This is the most hilarious thing to do in your life. Have you ever thought that what you are doing for the sake of your love after a breakup will not get known to anyone. So, why are you doing that much drama to feel proud of your love that no one’s gonna love like you.

I don’t know but there is no reason to watch his pics during your sleep time. Because life is so strict with his rules, there is no miracle that someone will emerge and pity on you for your love. And eventually complete your wish to meet him again. What a fool.

Keep connect with your uplift friends

It’s really true that we never valued our friends until we feel how they are important to us. I have been through this too, I ignored my friends for just one girl and after break up, she wasn’t with me but the friends who do I left behind for that girl are still with me to lift me up. I hope you have friends like me to encourage you even if you make mistakes in your life.

After the break up we felt so helpless and demotivated. We do not feel to do anything, even if we aren’t able to focus on things. In that case you must be with your friends who motivate you, who encourage you. If you remember the competitions you won not only because you are strong enough to win but because you have supportive friends who help you, train you and cheers you. Whatever bad situation comes in your life also be in your friend circle.

Stop and calm down

This is a very important step after you broke up with your lover because when this happens you might go mad and think to do something unpleasant. Your instant action can be dangerous for you and your friends’ relatives also. First you need to be gentle and stop thinking. There are high chances to think negative things after this bad situation happens. Sometimes it’s very important to step back and accept things as they are.

No matter how much you feel pain, in this situation you will not do anything good because for doing good things you first must think good. And I don’t think that you can think good in a break up situation.

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Try some new activities

Trying new activities will help you to keep engaged. This is one of the best solutions to forget anything you want. You can have good examples that people achieve their life goals after they fail and in pain. Because they were engaging themselves in new activities and eventually they achieved success because they focused on their dreams. It’s really good to have love on someone but being useless in love it’s really disgusting. It will not gonna help you in any way.

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Learn to move on

Sometimes emotionally being down can help you to pursue your passions. I mean if life closes one door there always a new door which can lead you to more happiness. We generally get it wrong when we break up, we mainly focus on negative things and watch over closed doors in hope that they will open for us. But nope, life is not movable. You are the one who needs to move and if you don’t move then how would you look for better doors for your life. If you think negatively then you can only watch closed doors even if they open doors in front of you. Your watching attitude is very important to find better options in life.

Forgive and let go with happiness

The things only get stuck if you are not allowing it to go. There are lots of reasons but this one is notable among them. How could you move on if you don’t allow your memories to go. We know that you are holding your memory in hope of something good. But life is very strange and I want to give you a new experience, if you are stuck here then the good things which are supposed to happen will happen late.

Yeah, we know that you have very happy and good memories but memories are just memories. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad but letting them go is a better choice for life. Life goes in the present not in the past, your every happy things are memories right now, and what will be happening in your life will become your memory. So forgive him and let your mind bonding become free.


These steps will help you out if you carefully think about it. These all steps are practical and can apply to your life also. This is a question for every lover to forget someone. It is a really good thing to think that how would I forget that person, because it shows you are ambitious with your life that’s why you want to forget your love and move on in life.

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