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How To Get Adsense Approval For Your Blog

If you are doing blogging then your first motive should be get google adsense approval for it to earn money. No one can just writing articles and posting it without any profit. Ya it’s true your passion is must but you can’t stick longer with it without earning any money by blogging.

Blogging is time consuming platform which require time to get noticed. If you are expert in waiting, you can do blogging. Ya but this waiting really pays you off your all hard work. Here we are going to reveal some truths that affects for google adsense approval.

There are several factors you need to consider if you want to get adsense approval successfully on your blog. At the beginning of blogging it’s everyone’s motive to earn money as early as they can.

Being impatience will not going to help in any case you need to be patience and wait for the right time. Here are some best tips which can help you to get google adsense approval easily.

1. Choose adsense friendly theme

Your blogging platform actually plotted on theme. Visitors will interfere your blog with your blog theme. So it’s first step to increase the chances of adsense approval. Besides better choice of theme can help you for SEO.

The more SEO friendly theme you choose the more chances to get indexed on google. You can take your time to choose right or correct theme for your blog. There are plenty of themes are available which are suitable for place ads by google.

2. Create about and contact us page

Nowadays trust is the key of business or any profession. As people only trust you when you prove them you are trustworthy like that google adsense wants you to prove either you trustworthy or not.

You should add about us and contact us page that will improve your trust with google. Remember google adsense team will review your site manually so reviewer most likely to check your information and contact details.

It’s not about providing your phone number you can attach your alternative contact details like Email, social media address. And few words about yourself.

3. Don’t copy and rewrite

Back in the day, it was possible to modify available content on internet but not now. Now google became more conscious to give better experience to users.

You can modify the content but how could you overtake them, because google will give more preference to original one. You need to add some value in your content which are not already available on internet. Although it’s not possible but you should add your knowledge rather than copy and rewrite.

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4. Publish articles on time

If you are just beginner or didn’t have adsense for your website then you should follow your schedule. Listen, once you got the adsense approval you can publish articles irregularly but before it there is no any excuse.

You just need to pretend like you are loyal and working regularly. We can understand it, because why would google give adsense approval for anyone who don’t work on it seriously. Don’t make fun of google at least before approval.

5. Buy top level domain

Everybody knows, no one can start blogging without domain but there are several methods that can help you to save money but later on it’s all useless. Google blogger platform provides subdomain but don’t hope with it. You might get approval but you can’t earn that much as on wordpress.

Your domain name should be professional and appropriate to your blogging niche. Domain name is nothing but short impression of your blog. If you have chosen travel blogging and then domain name should match with it.

Blogging on travelling with health and fitness domain name will drop you in spam zone by google.

6. Make ready your all pages for adsense

Adsense will look over your all pages of website, they will not just look over homepage and contact page. They will review all pages manually. If any of your page contains error or copy content your whole website will consider as not ready for adsense.

In order to get adsense you need to work on your all pages, filter it by your own. And your all pages need to be easy to find. There would be no any difficulty to find any page.

7. Your domain should be 6 months old

You must know google adsense stopped to giving approval those sites who are not old at least 6 months. If you are a celebrity and can generate million traffic on it then you can get approval but why would any celebrity come for it.

You should not apply for approval before six months, actually you should consider these six months as your preparation time. In this time you need to work on your blog and trying to generate more traffic. That will help you to get adsense approval instantly after six months.

8. Don’t use copyright images

Google really hates copy contents even if it images. One knows how much he or she struggle for each and every image, so we should not use it.

You can click your own images and upload it on your website. Google want you to add something new on it. It simply means you are now allowed to use any other’s images for your own purpose.


This is all you need to get adsense approval. If you are thinking about traffic so it must to have traffic on your site. But google can give you approval with your loyal work.

Besides on your article there should be at least 30 articles. You have six months so we can think that you can write more than 30 articles in six months.

We recommend you to write articles regularly if you wrote just 15 articles per month. There would be 90 articles in 6 months. Don’t be so lazy because google don’t want to give adsense to lazy person.

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