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How To Join New Member In OSM Software Solutions | New Joining

If you are a member or want to join new member in OSM software solutions formerly known as Osmose Technology then read this full article with close attention. In this post we will explain you how can you become member of OSM software solution in easy way.

If you don’t have any idea about OSM software solution then you should ask to your seniors they can explain you very well. Here are the quick links to redirect the desired page you want.

OSM New Joining
OSM Home Page
OSM Task Login
OSM Account Login

There are lots of confusion in company to find the correct and proper page, so we hope above links will help you to find your pages easily. You should bookmark this page for your future reference.

How to join or register new member in OSM software solutions

  1. Click the link below
    OSM Registration or Joining Form
    (Once you click the above link you will redirect to registration form, and you need to full fill the form)
  2. Here is the example of form.
    Sponsor ID: Enter your OS ID
    Full Name: Full name of new joining member
    Email: Enter the valid email address of new member
    Password: Type the desired password for new user
    Retype Password: Retype the previous password which you have type in Password
  3. Check the two boxes below the form and click on register.
  4. Once you click on register you will get the window of successful registration message. And also receive login Id and password.
  5. Now you can login with your ID and password.

Rapid procedure:

Click here OSM registration form > ( Fill all form with valid information) Accept terms and conditions > Click on registration button > Finally you became a member of OSM.


Now you only became a inactive member of OSM not a active member. In order to become active member you need to activate your account with 32 dollar amount or 3200 Indian rupees.

Only creating account is not enough here you must activate your account other wise you can’t earn money with it. Only active members can earn money with completing tasks.

If you are not aware of how to complete OSM Task then you can visit link below. Remember task is very important to earn money in OSM software solutions.

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